Supersage Clone Script - To Start 100% DEX Smart Contract Matrix Project on TRON Blockchain

    Supersage Clone Script 

    Supersage Clone Script is a website script that comprises of all the features and functions of We Gamesdapp offers Supersage Clone script to build 100% decentralized Smart Contract matrix project like Supersage. This supersage website clone is built on TRON Blockchain technology  with a goal to be decentralized.

    Want to know how to start smart contract matrix project like supersage? In this post, you will find out everything about Supersage..

    What is

    SuperSage is the 100% decentralized smart contract technology provides decentralized market participants with the capability to directly involve in personal and business transactions. The SUPERSAGE Decentralized Matrix Project’s Smart Contract is available to view on the Tron Blockchain.

    In otherwords supersage is a p2p Smart Contract crowdfunding platform that you work from home at your free time. There is no time limit or targets with this program. The participants of  supersage platform– both leaders and newcomers are equal. No one can stop the platform, because its functioning is ensured by a smart contract that cannot be altered or deleted.

    What is Supersage Smart Contract?

    Smart Contract- smart contract is a self executing computer programmed contract that ensures that whether the platform acheives what it is stipulated to do. This self executing programmed codes are built on the blockchain technology. Since it has been built permanently on the blockchain, smart contract cannot be hacked or altered.

    Supersage is a smart contract crypto earning program built on the Tron blockchain where members get paid in their cryptocurrency wallet. It is a crowdfunding international platform comes with the marketing of type “Matrix” in the blockchain of Tron cryptocurrency. SuperSage is is the first smart contract to feature the use of the TRON cryptocurrency.

    Why Supersage Matrix?

    1. Blockchain Enabled - Supersage is 100% Decentralized enabled with Blockchain , TRON cryptocurrency.

    2. No Expiration Date - No Expiry Date, This is Free For your Lifetime.

    3. With Reference - It works on Peer to peer References

    4. Unlimited Automatic Reinvest - It Automatically Invests your Amount , so that you can earn more and more.

    5. You can earn with spillovers and overflows

    6. No admin involves on the platform

    7. You can get started with only one time registration fee of 500 TRX with gas fee.

    8. Instant P2P payment- Earning on different level will be paid automatically to your tron wallet by smart contract

    9. No withdrawal request required

    10. withdrawal to local bank at anytime


    How to join SUPERSAGE smart contract ?


    Necessary things needed before registration,


    * Tron coins - 500 TRX

    * TRON wallet

    * Link from an upline


    To register Supersage, 


    1. First you have download the tron wallet 
    2. Add fund with tron cryptocurrency (minimum amount to get started 250 + 250 TRX without Commission network of the blockchain)
    3. Get the affiliate link and click “Automatic registration”.
    4. You don’t need to enter personal details like name/ email address. 
    5. After registration you are assigned an ID will be given to you.

    How Does Supersage Tron Smart Contract Works?


    There are two programs under the Supersage smart contract that is,


    * Program S3 

    * Program S4

    Each program has 14 levels and each level is twice expensive as the previous level, and this enables you to earn twice more than what you have earned in the previous level. After registeration, the system opens the level 1 in S3  program as well as S4.

    Supersage S3

    There are totally 14 levels under this S3 program and each of those leve has 3 slots. The earnings from the first 2 slots will  get credited to your tron wallet whereas the earning from the 3rd slot will goes to the wallet of your upline. Then the system automatically reinvests once after the 3 slots in each level gets filled.Hence, the matrix is re-opened and this makes you to earn huge from that level again and again.


    Source : makingmoneyinnigeria

    As the level 1 in the S3 and S4 programs have opened, you have to pay  a one time fee for the next level to gets open. each level that you open will surely gives you twice the amount you earned in the previous level. Through this you can earn commision for a life time.

    Supersage S4

    The Supersage S4 program is the major profit earning program. There are totally 14 levels under this S4 program and each of those leve has 6 slots.


    The earnings from the first 2 slots will  goes to your upline whereas the earnings from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th are paid directly into your wallet. Then the earning from 6th slot goes upline and hence reopens the matrix to continue earning from the level again and again.

    The main thing of S4 Program is that you can earn even without referrals. For earning from spillovers and overflows( without any referrals) you should need an active team.

    How to earn on Supersage smart contract?

    1. Referral -Referral is the major way of earning in smartcontracts. When you refer someone, you fill in your slot in s3 package and their fee will automatically comes to you. 

    2. Spillover - It can be also called as overflow, earning spillover happens on s4 package. spillover will happens only when there is a enough number of members in a team. you can get a free tron when your team is doing well while upgrade improves your chance of getting lots of spillover and earn huge.

    Income types on,

    1. 100% Direct Referral Commission for every invites
    2. Reinvestments 
    3. Overtakers- Instant overtakes gives extra 100% profit 
    4. Overflow from superior/downlines - Spill overs from uplines/from the team
    5. Auto-cycles – 100% earnings when your group upgrades or follows cycle matrix.
    6. TRX price appreciation- Price fluctuations of TRX can make you earn extra profit while holding it in your tron wallet.


    If you want to immediately launch and run a platform like 

    Choose the right Blockchain Development Company and get the clone script of Supersage matrix platform. As a leading Enterprise blockchain solutions provider we can help you to  build a platform like


    Our Supersage Clone Script comprises of the following features,


    1. 100% Risk Free Decentralized Platform
    2. Transperancy and Anonymity
    3. Zero risk factors
    4. Transactions Surety
    5. Instant P2P Payment system
    6. Immutability
    7. Non hierarchically Organized

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