Lion's Share Clone Script - To Build Ethereum Smart Contract based MLM Platform

    Lion’s Share Clone Script 

    Lion’s Share Clone Script is a completely decentralized  Smart Contract MLM script  that has been deployed directly on Ethereum blockchain. It offers peer to peer matrix compensation plan that pays 100% commission to the users and operates similar to Lionsshare MLM project.


    If you are willing to make money with cryptocurrency, then starting an MLM like Lion's share is the best choice to do. We, GamesDApp are offering a ready made Smart contract MLM clone scripts of various popular Cryptocurrency MLM websites. 


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    Lion's Share Smart Contract


    Lion’s Share is a peer to peer,decentralized, Ethereum Smart Contract Matrix program built using Ethereum smart contract technology, working on the blockchain. This platform is self operating, which means it can never be change or hacked.


    Just like other crypto MLM's (example- forsage and million money) Lions share is the first of its kind in connecting different countries right from the start and you need to go into it because Smart contract is playing the major role in Crypto earning programs and they are going to change how we see Cryptocurrencies


    Benefits of starting a Smartcontract MLM like Lion's Share



    How to make money with Lion's Share?


    There are 2 effective ways to make money with Lion’s Share,


    1. The first one is through the passive returns on your investment
    2. The second one is through recruitment.


    Lionshare Smart contract Commission Payout


    All commissions with Lionshare are paid directly and instantly to the member's wallet. The company doesnot takes any responsible for making a commission payment.


    No need to wait  for a month, , week, day or even a minute, payments can be done within a second to your ethereum wallet!!!! Since payments can be done peer to peer, Lion’s Share will not store any of your personal information or your wallet address.


    Requirements to join Lionshare Smart Contract


    The foremost requirement to participate in Lion’s Share is to have your own Ethereum Wallet.
    Lionshare is completely set up to work with one of two Wallets, depending upon your convenience with your Smart phone / tablet, or with your computer – that can be either Trust wallet or Metamask wallet.


    1. Trust Wallet is only for those who use Mobile Device .

    2. MetaMask Wallet is only for those who are using their Laptop or Desktop Computer. Its just a simple chrome extension.


    Initial One time payment of just 0.04 Ethereum+ gas fee, which is less than $10.00 USD

    You can make  a great money with this program. The more people that you refer, the more you will earn.


    Is Lionshare Smart Contract Legit?


    Yes, Lionshare Smart Contract is 100% legit that it cannot be scammed/hacked. This because all the payments can be done directly through ethereum wallet and not stored on website. Thus the money you earned is directly into the ethereum wallet , even if the website goes down, your money will still be in your wallet.


    Now let’s get to know with how to register,


    How To Register On Lionshare Smart Contract?



    Step 1 - Download Trustwallet for your mobile Or metamask wallet for your PC/laptop
    step 2 - Create your account on trustwallet and fund it with 0.04 Eth 
    Step 3 - After funding, copy this link and paste in your trustwallet search bar.
    Step 4 - Then the lionshare registration page loads, click  Join Now.
    Step 5 - After that a payment page will show, clik on Purchase.
    Step 6 - After successful purchase, it will redirect you to your dashboard 


    Lion’s Share’s Compensation Plan


    Lion’s Share has two compensation plan called - The Matrix Plan. They are;


    * L1 (Personal Matrix)


    * L2 (Team Matrix)


    Each of the L1 and L2 plan has 16 packages with the same prices, and you can join both matrices at the same time.


    L1 Matrix



    In the L1 plan, you are the one who is running the business;  you have to purchase atleast one package and make referrals.

    Your first two referrals will directly pay into your wallet while the third referral pays into your sponsor’s wallet.

    The more you invite friends, the more you can make money.


    Earning from L1 Plan




    Let’s say person A joined the platform using B's referral and bought package 1 (0.02 ETH) from the L1 matrix. Then Person A will earn a 0.04 ETH if she convinces person C and D to sign up with her referral link.

    Perhaps,  person A can keeps on earning this way, when she invites person E (her third referral) to reopen her matrix. However, if person A  goes out of referrals, she stops earning.


    L2 Matrix



    While L1 is fully dependent on your referrals, in L2, you can earn without referring any people.

    Here in L2, the payments coming from your first two referrals will not go to your wallet, instead, it goes directly to the global team. Whereas the payments coming from your third, fourth, and fifth referrals will get directly into your wallet.

    Like the L1, payment coming from your sixth referral will be directed to your sponsors walletr to reopen your matrix.


    Earning from L2 Plan




    The earning process is different in L2 from L1. 
    In this  Level 2, person A does not earn from C and D. Either will start earning when she invites person E, F and G ( ie  3rd-5th referrals).


    Remember as mentioned  in L1, the person A  will not earn from his/ her package, until he/she does not recruits a third person to reopen her matrix. Well, it is a different in L2. That is person A will still earn passively from his/her package even if it is unable to invite a 6th referral that will reopen her matrix.


    Features of Lion's Share Clone Script


    1. 100% Transparency

    2. Anonymity

    3. Verified Smart Contract

    4. No Boundaries

    5. Never Changing Compensation Plan

    6. Affordable to the Masses

    7. Multiple Payment Gateway options

    8. Excellent UI/UX design

    9. 100% White label business solution


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