Genopets Clone Script To Launch Your Own M2E Fitness Game App Like Genopets


    Have you ever thought of a world that would pay you for each and every physical movement by you? For example, if you are in the gym and working out on the treadmill and some unique game that helps you to earn by this workout process. It's quite interesting, right? Nowadays earning income by simply sitting and staying inactive will make your health poor and it could be boring on many occasions. Staying active by moving and doing any physical activities and making money will be good for your productivity and health. Technically speaking this process is called Move-To-Earn. 

    Do You Hear About Genopets?

    Genopets is a Gaming project which coined the concept of Move-To-Play. It is the first Free-To-Play, Move-To-Earn NFT mobile game that provides you rewards based on your moving activities. At first, the game provides a little cute pet that will be a replica of your personality. And then, your every movement plays a vital role to built your genopet. Setting a daily goal and challenging yourself will help your genopet grow.

    Are you looking to kickstart your own m2e game like Genopets?

    Genopets Clone App

    Genopets Clone App is a readymade M2E game platform with a 100% bug-free solution packed with advanced features to launch an exact lifestyle fitness app like Genopets. In Genopets Clone allows you to earn money & rewards while hitting your fitness goals and the rarity of your Genopet. 

    Unique Features Of Genopets Clone App

    As above discussed, Genopets Clone App is a replica of the Genopets game with all the features and gaming elements. This Clone Application helps the users by increasing their productivity and improving their Fitness level by encouraging them by providing new rewards.

    Now let us discuss the hidden and impressive features and processes of Genopets Clone Software. 

    Summon your Genopet

    This is the first and foremost process to enrolling you in the genoverse. In an Encouraging manner, genoverse provides you with the Genopet which should be taken care of by the player by staying active.


    Start Moving to Play

    Walking at the office during break hours or at the mall, your genopet will be on fun mode and getting rewards to you for making your genopet happy and active.

    Level Up to Evolve

    Once you are trained in your Genopet your sweats by staying active presents you with a higher level of Genopet. The higher the level of your Genopet, the more XP, the greater its in-game abilities, and the rarer it can become. Nurture your Genopet by feeding, playing with, and caring for it to elevate its mood each day.

    Genopet’s evolution in this game will be in Four Stages. They are


    • Baby Genopet

    • Young Genopet

    • Adult Genopet

    • Mystic Genopet

    Earn KI Craft NFTs

    Once your Genopet started to live like you, it requires a habitat to survive. The Workouts done by you will be converted to KI tokens which could be used to buy a house, extra power which was represented by NFTs on the Genoverse marketplace.

    Battle For Glory

    Challenge other players as you sharpen your reaction time, memory, and overall cognitive skills in fast-paced turn-based minigames. Genopets are designed to augment your life and encourage you to build healthy habits.

    The Dual Token System of Genopet Clone App

    KI Tokens

    These types of tokens are in-game utility tokens. In this game, Steps made by the players will be converted to KI Tokens which are used to level up the habitat of your own Genopets. Once KI Tokens are invested they will be automatically burned. To earn more tokens daily activity should be completed by the player.

    GENE Tokens

    Gene tokens are the governance, staking, and utility token used for Genesis NFT sales, seasonal drops, and in-game crafting of valuable items. Stake GENE for rewards and in-game perks. Every reward for the player’s activity will be presented in these Gene tokens. So that it could be used in the common marketplace.

    Who are we?

    Gamesdapp is the leading m2e game development company that provides you with a bug-free and simple Genopets clone app. Every feature and element will be exactly the same as the original game of Genopets. Genopets Clone Application was developed on Solana Blockchain Technology.

    Blockchain Supports In Genopets Clone

    Solana is the fastest and most decentralized blockchain platform in the world and the fastest-growing ecosystem in the cryptocurrency space with thousands of active projects such as NFTs, Defi, Web3, and others.

    Not only on Solana, but we also support your valuable ideas on which blockchain technology the game should be created and in which way it should be created. Gamesdapp supports many blockchain technologies like Tron, Solana, Polygon, ETH, etc. Your ideas will be deployed and reliable solutions for your project will be presented.

    Technology Stacks For Your Genopets Clone Development

    While developing a next-gen Genopet clone we focus on end-to-end encrypted advanced technologies. Here we have tech stacks where we concentrate on; 

    • Web3 Technology

    • Blockchain 

    • NFT Marketplace Integration 

    • Wallet Creation

    Why Choose Us?

    Over the last decade, Gamesdapp has become a priority for many people especially in launching the Move to Earn game platform. Here are promising features of our services;


    • Bug-free, secure, and multi-tested clone software

    • We follow agile methodology

    • SDLC Project Flow

    • Skilled blockchain experts

    • White Label Gaming Solutions

    • On-time project delivery

    • Budget-friendly gaming solutions

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    Disclaimer: Gamesdapp doesn't have any control over the trademark of "Genopets" and We are not doing any promotions for them. We are just using the term "Genopets" for quick understanding purposes only. Our services are not meant to influence any organization or individual.

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