Crypto Racing Clone - To Launch Multiplayer Racing Game of DeFi + NFTs based on BSC


    Crypto Racing Clone

    Crypto Racing Clone is a website clone that aids to build a multi player racing game of Defi and NFTs based on Binance Smart Chain. This Website is built with the same concept as a Crypto Racing VIP Game by integrating unique and engaging features.  This makes the game more exciting and hence gains audience recognition.

    At Gamesdapp, Our blockchain game developers work to provide the finest Blockchain Games on Binance Smart Chain, builtup with latest technologies to enable quick turnover features. This Crypto Racing Game Clone is readily available for launch on both android and iOS platforms.

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    Crypto Racing  - Overview

    Crypto Racing is the world's first multi player game(DeFi+NFTs) based on Binance Smart Chain. Collecting more powerful racing cars and its parts are the basic concept to build your own team. During the presale of the game, there will be total of 3000 cars which the players can buy directly with BNB. The presale will gets closed once the game is launched. Meanwhile in the in-game market system, the players can buy and sell racing cars and parts at a proper price range. With more than 1000 parts are available on the platform to collect and level up. The game experience can be enhanced with diversified matches like arena and exploration and plunder system. 

    Benefits of Implementing Binance Smart Chain on Gaming DApp

    - Fast transaction speed
    - Low gas fees
    - Integrated ecosystem.
    - Creates a healthy and trusted network
    - Improved ROI module
    - Proof of Staked Authority
    - Accelerated transactions
    - Elimination of fraudulent activities
    - No third party
    - Multiple gateway options
    - Immutability
    - Transparency

    RAC Token 

    RAC token is the token of cryptoracing game platform, which will be applied to all games of Crypto racing Platform. 

    Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000,000 RAC, Black Hole Burned: 50% Supply is burned at start. 

    Feature - 5% fee auto add to the liquidity pool to locked forever. when selling 5% fee auto distribute to all holders. The longer you HODL RAC the more RAC you gain for FREE!!!!!!

    CHE Token

    CHE Token is in BEP-20 standard Participate in the game for mining. You will get 1 CHE for every 1 BNB spent in the game and can participate in the liquidity mining of pancakeswap.


    Crypto Racing game uses about 8% of the bonus pool to share dividend each day. Among those 8%, 4% is the bonus of attributes, that means the dividend is based on the proportion of players' car and its part attributes. The other 4% is the match bonus, and the player's bonus proportion is the match bonus obtained by the individual on one day.

    In short,  Each players' daily dividend =(individual match bonus/match bonus of all players)* 4%bonus pool (each day)

    Auto parts

    All the car parts are in ERC721 token standard, which players can use on their own or sell them to other players. There are eight kinds, which has one attributes each and 5 levels, N, R, SR, SSR, UR. The higher the level, the better the attributes.


    Open 1 box with 0.01 BNB and get 1 part at random.The probability of obtaining N level parts is 69%, R level is 18%, SR level is 9%,SSR level is 3%, and UR level is 1%.

    Technology Synthesis

    It can take three parts with the same level and kind as the material to synthesize one part of higher level. Each synthesis costs some GAS. For example, three N level tyres can be synthesized into one R level tyre.

    Diamonds-Setted System

    Parts with UR level can set diamonds, costing some BNB and GAS. Based on the attributes of UR parts, the attributes addition of 1~5 diamonds are: 120%, 150%, 190%, 240% and 300%.

    Plunder System

    You can challenge one player who is randomly chosen by the explore system. According to the attributes of both, you may have the chance to plunder match bonus from the other one. And in our game, more match bonus means more dividend.


    Arena is one of PVP gameplay that makes Crypto Racing more interesting. Players can choose to be a setter or a competitor. The setter has to put in a certain amount of BNB to set the arena, whereas the competitor also needs to put in the same amount of BNB. Finally the winner can get 90% of the BNB.


    You can simply go to the market and set a price to your cars and  parts so that other players can buy it from you. Parts placed in the market cannot be furnished. If the placed items are not sold out within 24 hours then it will be removed automatically. 

    How to create a Gaming Platform like Cryto Racing?

    To build decentralized online racing game platform like Crypto Racing on Binance Smart Chain ,You will need

    >> A perfect plan and strategy.

    >> A perfect team blockchain game developers to implement hence it is not a single man job as it would take more time.

    >> You should have experts who are well-versed in updated technology stacks  

    >> A Testing, development and deployment team.

    If you have such a solid team, then you are ready to build yo ur own NFT & DeFi Gaming Platform like Crypto Racing.

    Why Gamesdapp for Crypto Racing Clone Development?

    Gamesdapp as the best Blockchain Game Development Company, assists you with all the above factors with their expert Game developers who can ready to develop and deploy your gaming platform on Binance Smart Chain.

    We offer a wide range of Dapp development across all verticals. Our blockchain experts will design an engaging gameplay, creates real time gaming experience with innovation as well as keep your gamers and your revenue system busy.

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    Disclaimer: Gamesdapp doesn't have any control over the trademark of "Crypto Racing" and we are not doing any promotions for them. We are just using the term "Crypto Racing" for quick understanding purposes only. Our services are not meant to influence any organization or individual.

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