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Why should you develop DApp Games on the EOS Blockchain?

Hacking has become customary in today’s online world, especially in the gaming industry. To lay out a secure platform for gamers to enjoy has become a monumental task for gaming organizations. Hence, emerging entrepreneurs are all set to transform the gaming arena by incorporating blockchain technology and decentralization

This is one of the prominent reasons why building games on the EOS blockchain can be your profitable business model as it provides security, relief, and trust among gamers

Why should you develop dApp games on the

Benefits of EOS Blockchain

Here’s why gamers would love your EOS DApp game
Free transactions
Free transactions
EOS blockchain games are preferred by worldwide gamers because the blockchain platform literally incurs no transaction fee
Governance system
Governance system
EOS game administrators can offer governance rights to gamers. It provides a sense of ownership among your gaming community
High scalability
High scalability
While scalability has been a major setback among other networks, EOS manages to perform around 4000 transactions per second
EOS DApps use Delegate-proof-of-stake that allows the developing team to freeze the network in times of issues, thus instantly fixing the error

Scope of EOS DApp Games

Entrepreneurs build DApp games on EOS due to its convincing future

According to the EOS team, the platform has the capacity to accommodate the demands of hundreds of DApps. Parallel execution, as well as a modular approach, are said to drive this efficiency. Hence, the future is highly promising for EOS

The current market cap of EOS coin amounts to $2.6 billion (USD)

Why Gamesdapp for EOS DApp Game Development?

GamesdApp owns a 200+ in-house technically proficient team of blockchain architects and engineers with 9+ years of decentralization platform development. The client’s provision for an exclusive collaboration with the core team meets 100% requirements. Prompt delivery of the project and post-sale technical support are part and parcel of our business, with additional digital marketing service being the bonus offer

FAQs on DApp Game Development

Games that are completely decentralized to provide maximum security to the global gaming community are called dApp games.

  • Uncompromised security protocols
  • Impossible to hack
  • Gaming + investment opportunities for gamers
  • Transactions are safe and fast at a low trading fee

Blockchain-based dApp games have reaped a massive $33 million in their first year of launch. The estimated total revenue by 2020 is around $98 million ie., almost closer to a billion. This proves dApp games are the future of the gaming arena.

The time required to build your dApp game depends on your requirements. Hence, it’s subjected to vary from one dApp game to another.

Sure. From developers to digital marketing analysts, you can hire our resources exclusively for your dApp game development and marketing activities.

The cost of developing an EOS dApp game depends on the clients’ requirements. Hence, it varies from one dApp game to another.