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Decentraland Clone Script - To Create Ethereum Blockchain Powered NFT Virtual Platform like Decentraland
Decentraland Clone Script - To Create Ethereum Blockchain Powered NFT Virtual Platform like Decentraland
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Decentraland Clone Script - To Create Ethereum Blockchain Powered NFT Virtual Platform like Decentraland


Decentraland Clone Script 


Decentraland Clone Script  is a website script of decentralized virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain where the users can explore, create, play games, collect wearables, monetize creation, leverage land plots, and 3D building techniques. This platform allows the users to purchase virtual land in which gives them ownership and control over the environment and applications they create within their land.


Decentraland Clone Software


Decentraland Clone Software is a NFT Marketplace Clone Software running on Ethereum that seeks to incentivize a global network of users to operate a shared virtual world. This Decentraland Clone Software holds all the key features and functionalities of Ethereum-based virtual reality blockchain platform, Decentraland. This software leverages the Ethereum blockchain to track ownership of this digital land, and it also requires the users to hold its MANA token within their Ethereum wallet to be engaged with the ecosystem. 


Gamesdapp is pioneer in developing blockchain powered NFT marketplace like Decentraland with custom made features and functionalities. 


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Decentraland Like NFT Marketplace Development


You can launch your own NFT marketplace like Decentraland, that enables participants to manage and exchange LAND tokens, priced in MANA. We create Decentraland like NFT Marketplace where users can buy their land, known as "parcels" that are recorded on a blockchain backed ledger. The land itself, as well as the virtual properties is a type of a non-fungible digital asset/utility token called LAND, which is stored in an Ethereum smart contract. Eventually the Owners can use the marketplace to transact or transfer parcels and other in-game items such as wearables and unique names. 


In short, the Marketplace is the go-to place to trading and managing all your Decentraland on-chain assets.


Our Decentraland like NFT Marketplace allows you to,


- Sell parcels and Estates of LAND and wearables. You can set your own price in MANA and offer expiration date.


- Can buy parcels and Estates, wearables, and unique names that are for sale.


- Able to transfer your parcels and Estates to any another user.


- Explore the world through a map and can see who owns what, what wearables exist and what names are claimed.


- Can name your parcels and Estates with a public description.


- Permit other users to edit the parcels that you own.




There are two different types of tokens that governs the operations,


LAND – ERC-721 tokens like LAND is interchangeable non-fungible token (NFT) used to define the ownership of land parcels representing digital real estate. 


MANA –  MANA is Decentraland’s native ERC20 token used to pay for goods and services in Decentraland. It is built on Ethereum in accordance with the ERC20 standard. MANA can be either bought and sold for fiat currency or any other digital currencies. It not only functions as a digital currency but also provides its holder with the voting power in the Decentraland DAO.


Decentraland gives its users the opportunity to achieves an income by creating and selling items on the Decentraland marketplace for MANA tokens while participating in the growing virtual world. The MANA token currently gains from excellent liquidity and can be purchased, sold or traded on around 100 different exchange platforms. 


The characteristics of MANA and LAND are defined by smart contracts: the MANAtoken contract, the LANDregistry contract.


Characteristics of Decentraland


  • Avatars- fully customisable avatars, with hundreds of free outfits and accessories. 
  • Builder is the key feature of Decentraland that creates the ability to build scenes and entire environments. 
  • Decentralized distributed contents
  • Enhanced token utility
  • Network Fostering
  • Proxy assessed parcel pricing
  • Marketplace
  • Reputation based approach
  • Decentralised autonomous organisations (DAO)


Security Features of Decentraland Clone Script


  • Data encryption
  • Firewall, DDOS protection
  • 2 Factor authentication
  • KYC and AML
  • Security Layer
  • Blacklist Governance


Use Cases of Decentraland Clone Script


The Decentraland clone script can be used in a variety of domains,


  • Application Development
  • Content Curation
  • Advertising
  • Digital Collectibles
  • Social Gaming
  • Education
  • Therapy
  • Dynamic 3D designing
  • Virtual tourism,etc


Decentraland DAO


DAO means "Decentralized Autonomous Organization". It owns the most important smart contracts and assets that make up Decentraland – the LAND Contract, the Estates Contract, Wearables, Content Servers and the Marketplace. MANA allows DAO to be truly autonomous as well as subsidize various operations and initiatives throughout Decentraland.


Decentraland DAO Features


  • Decentralization
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Autonomous
  • Organization
  • Open source
  • based on Smart Contract
  • Transparent 
  • They have a financing phase and Token
  • Incorruptible.


Benefits of Creating Decentraland Like NFT Marketplace


The significance of a fully virtual universe like Decentraland are boundless. It makes it possible to create, inhabit, and earn from VR assets and services offered in Virtual Reality. The Decentraland Like NFT Marketplace platform also features a number of interesting events to earn more such as game launch parties, casino nights, virtual gallery launches, etc.


White Label Decentraland Clone Script 


If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to launch your own NFT Marketplace like Decentraland, we are glad to assist you right away to launch your platform readily!!


We offer White Label Decentraland Clone Script that helps you to launch a ETH based virtual NFT Marketplace like Decentraland inbuilt with all the necessary features and we can also do the on-demand customizations in the features and UI of the platform as per your specific requirements. This Decentraland like NFT Marketplace features an complete trustless NFT trading option improved by smart contracts on ETH blockchain, that helps to trade NFTs on the platform without the risk of losing funds.


Highlighted features of White Label Decentraland like NFT Marketplace


  • 3D experience
  • P2P Network interactions
  • Safe NFT Trading options
  • Furnishes 3D experience
  • Admin and user dashboard facilities
  • Plugins and API integration options 
  • Tailor made functionalities
  • Easily configurable


Why Gamesdapp to develop a  NFT Marketplace like Decentraland? 


We are the leading solution provider of NFT Marketplace Developmentoffering Decentraland Clone script to build a fully decentralized NFT marketplace on ETH. Our Decentraland like NFT Marketplace provides variable benefits for our clients to enhance their business in multiple ways. We provide,


- Secure and Transparent Ready-to-launch Platform

- Instant User friendly Software To Compete In The Market

-Complete Decentralized Platform

- Multilingual Assistance

- cross platform compatibility

- Lucartive technology support


Get a live demo of Decentraland clone Script


Disclaimer: Gamesdapp doesn't have any control over the trademark of "Decentraland" and we are not doing any promotions for them. We are just using the term "Decentraland" for quick understanding purposes only. Our services are not meant to influence any organization or individual.

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