MetaGym Clone App Development - To launch a Move-to-Earn first game like MetaGym


    Play-to-earn and move-to-play concepts have recently gained popularity in the cryptocurrency market, and more people are experimenting with the recently adopted concept of tokenizing physical activities. The fundamental concept behind M2E applications and other games is that they reward users in proportion to how much exercise they get, encouraging them to lead active, healthy lifestyles and generating passive income.


    To put it simply, M2E is a fresh method of rewarding gamers for moving around and using their bodies through the use of digital technology. The move-to-earn gamification concept works similarly to the play-to-earn concept, where players fully control their in-game assets, which can later be exchanged for crypto or fiat money according to their terms.


    In this blog, you will see one of the Move to -Earn trending apps called MetaGym. It is a mobile application. Here you will have a brief look at MetaGym clone app development.


    MetaGym Clone App


    Gamesdapp offers MetaGym Clone App it looks like MetaGym platform with fully completed in-app activities as well as additional trading and minting activities. Build a web3 gaming app from scratch with all of its distinctive features and functionalities.


    White Label MetaGym Clone App

    White-label MetaGym Clone solutions are used to customize the business requirements at affordable costs. In a short period, you can launch the platform, and later you can customize it with the white-label solution. 
    Features of MetaGym Clone App

    The features to be considered when you create a MetaGym clone app are as follows:

    • Users with NFT metaverse avatars can track their health behaviors participate in a fitness challenge, and conduct cardio exercises to earn Heart Rate tokens(HRT), which can be exchanged for new outfits, and power-ups as users level up.


    • Members can use their NFT avatar to earn cryptocurrency for performing exercise and health habits through our in-app marketplace, lease their avatar to others with an earnings split, or sell their character. 


    • Users can also buy avatar improvements like attire, footwear, and equipment which provide them the chance to increase their HRT for each earning assignment.

    MetaGym Overview


    The first move to earn fitness mobile app that is used on polygon blockchain which also integrates smartwatches and has Fit-Fi, Sleep-Fi, and Game-Fi capabilities. The main objective of MetaGym is to encourage the development of an inclusive community that respects each person's path toward making choices that promote a better mind, good health body, and spirit. MetaGym wants to involve millions of individuals in the web3 ecosystem through these activities.


    Tokens In MetaGym


    There are two tokens in MetGym such as, 
    1. Heart Gym (HRT)-The in-game utility token is called Heart Rate Token (HRT). Users acquire HRT through the various earning modalities, therefore there is an endless supply available. Metagym is built with many burning mechanisms to guarantee the stability of HRT. 
    2. MetaGym(MGCN)-The MetaGym governance token is called MetaGym Coin. The supply of MGCN is set at 2 billion of which 25%  will be provided through involvement in governance and E2E. MGCN is intended to be deflationary; the total supply will be cut in half every three years. 


    How does the MetaGym Clone App generate revenue for you?

    The modest amount of taxes collected from users for actions taken within the app brings in income for the app's owner. Some of these activities include NFT trading, shoe minting, and shoe rental. Users are the exclusive owners of the resources found in the programs, as well as the revenue generated by them.

    Why Choose Us?

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    If you're interested in developing a MetaGym clone App, get in touch with us. We also offer NFT  gaming development services that completely meet your needs. Our M2E game development solutions offer unique gaming use cases with feature integration, development, and implementations.

    Disclaimer: Gamesdapp doesn't have any control over the trademark of "MetaGym" and We are not doing any promotions for them. We are just using the term "MetaGym" for quick understanding purposes only. Our services are not meant to influence any organization or individual.

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