Battle Pets Game Clone Development - To Build Blockchain Game Like Battle Pets on Binance Smart Chain


    Currently, Defi is the blazing innovation in the cryptocurrency world and one of the most promising directions of blockchain application. A new attempt on the direction of DeFi is originated which is called GameFi - A Gamification finance and a new gamification business. This new generation of GameFi introduces DApp games on Binance Smart Chain. 


    We - Gamesdapp offers Dapp Game Development on Binance Smart Chain that empowers to build your own decentralized apps and digital assets on one blockchain and take advantage of the fast trading to exchange on the other. Battle Pets is one such DApp game built on Binance Smart Chain. 


    Now let us have a glance at Binance Smart Chain, Battle Pets Game features and how to develop a dapp clone game like battlepets.


    What is Binance Smart Chain?


    Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is described as a blockchain that runs in parallel to the Binance Chain. Unlike Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain implements cross- chain ability, smart contract functionality and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). 


    Since Binance Smart Chain is EVM-compatible, it can be launched with the support for the rich universe of Ethereum tools and DApps. This makes it easy for the developers to port their projects over from Ethereum. For users, it means that wallet applications like MetaMask can be easily configured to work with Binance Smart Chain. 


    Benefits of Implementing Binance Smart Chain 


    Creates a healthy and trusted network
    Improved ROI module
    Proof of Staked Authority
    Accelerated transactions
    Elimination of fraudulent activities
    No third party
    Multiple gateway options


    Battle Pets - The 1st GameFi on BSC 


    ‘Battle Pets’ is a blockchain-based pet battle game built on Binance Smart Chain which is a game of incubating, growing, fighting, and exchanging pets. Players can purchase pet eggs in the game through Binance smart chain, and each pet is an NFT(Non-fungible Token) that can be breed, hatch and grow, battle and farm, earn and trade weapons and equipment.


    Here the players will be a pet trainers, who can obtain different pets and grow them to make them more stronger, so that they have the opportunity to defeat their opponents and obtain rare items and pet eggs.


    PET Token


    GameFi business model is originated to achieve the goal of combining Game and Defi. PET Token are used for purchasing and growing pets egg , pets and equipment trading, etc. Players will earn PET tokens from winning battles, or completing the tasks and tradings.


    PET Token distribution is as follows,
    Total PET Token supply - 200 million
    90% from Farming
    2% from Operations
    8% from Initial Offerings




    You will get a free pet egg for participating the IDO - the more you contribute, the more your pet will have the Battle Power. Hence Battle Power is the main indicator of battle pets. Higher the Battle Power your pets have, the higher will be the probability of winning in battles, also the stronger farming ability and more trading volume. Only the contributors are allowed to decide to hatch whether a battle bunny or battle puppy or a battle kitty.


    Battle Pets Games


    Many Defi elements are added on the basis of Binance Smart Chain, to make the battle pets as also a financial product, which we called as GameFi. Battle Pets is not a one game but a series of game that includes,


    1. Weapon system
    2. Arena Battle
    3. Tournament
    4. Siege Battle
    5. Evil Devil Challenge


    Features/Functionalities on Battle Pets


    The Battle Pets game has many game features that includes,


    1. Egg Hatching:


    "Hatch" button will be available on the pet shop page , If you click the button the pet egg will hatches a new pet, with the following attributes,
    Battle Power: The higher the battle power, greater the chances of winning
    Experience: For every 100 experience gained, the battle power will gets increases by 1
    Stamina: Representing HP, max is 100


    2. Installing/uninstalling equipment.


    Weapons and other equipment will given to the player’s battle pet. Weapon and equipment will improves the Battle Power while pets wear them. It can be either installed and uninstalled. The weapons and equipment which is in an idle state can only be equipped.


    There are 4 inventory space for 4 types of equipment that can be equipped to the player’s pet that includes- Weapon, Shield, Helmet, Armor.


    3. Purchasing pet:


    Players can buy battle pets with $PET/$BAKE. If a player buying a battle pet with $PET, 1PET = 1 battle power, will get 0.9PET back after abandoning the pet. If a player is buying a battle pet with $BAKE, the battle power will get calculated based on the real-time price value of $BAKE, and 90% of the $BAKE will be given back after leaving the pet.


    4. Feeding Pets:


    The players can able to feed their pets. Feeding pets consumes $PET/$BAKE to increase Battle Power temporarily in battle. In this game there are 3 fruits , that is apple, blueberry and grape. In which apple increases 100 battle power, blueberry increases a battle power of 1000 and grape increases a battle power of 10000.


    5. Abandonment:


    Battle Pets can also be left for refunding. 90% of the $PET/$BAKE can be refunded after leaving the pet.


    Battle Pets Clone Game Development 


    As i have mentioned earlier,  Dapp Game Development is on peak and therefore it is essential to hire the best Blockchain Game Developers expertize in building DApp game on Binance Smart Chain as it creates a smooth and secure gaming experience.


    Gamesdapp assists you to build your own Blockchain Game Like Battle Pets on Binance Smart Chain inbuilt with the exciting and security features at the most affordable price, that will attract gamers all around the world. Our Battlepets Clone Games comes with,


    - High performing decentralized app
    - Developed using HTML5/JS tech stack
    - Provides robust strategies and methodologies for gamers to get the maximum benefits
    - Allowing users a secured and managed crypto-based transactions
    - Protected wallet development to securely store cryptocurrencies


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