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Honors & Rewards

GamesDApp has participated in the Money Expo India 2022 - Largest Trading and Investing Expo in Mumbai - India and been awarded as the BEST GAMEFI DEVELOPMENT COMPANY 2022

The Digital Race

The Digital Race is a thrilling and unique mini-game that thrusts players into the role of digital couriers. They must race against the clock to deliver essential mobile apps to smartphones while navigating a bustling digital cityscape filled with challenges and obstacles.


NFT Battle Arena

The player participates in MMA NFT Battle Arena style wrestling duels against opponents. Each character is an NFT with a set of fighting abilities. The abilities and superpowers can be upgraded by winning more matches. The goal of this game is to purchase a character NFT, grow its value by winning matches and then selling it back to the community for a profit.

Air Combat

The player shall control the movement of a combat ship and guide it across an obstacle course.The combat ship shall be equipped with ammo for destroying the enemy vehicles. The player will have to survive the enemy attack to collect rewards and move to the next level. Each level has a unique visual experience with a variety of environments ranging from battlefield to outer space alien combats. In total there are 10 unique environments Available. The game progression is designed to accommodate any number of levels in the game play.


Crypto for Speed CFS

The game has a story mode. Player can participate in race in various arenas. The player must finish within 3 rd position to move to next level. The game has in game purchases for a variety of racing cars and car accessories. If a race is lost (couldn’t finish in first 3 positions), the car’s ownership shall be transferred to the player finishing first. The player can grow the value of their purchased cars by winning races. The winners also get to collect more cars by defeating their competition in the race.

Conquer with NFTs

The player must hunt in a zombie world and collect various zombie superpowers as NFTs. There is an in game purchase for guns ammos and powerups/ collectibles. The player’s power and domination will depend on the amount of NFTs collected by the player. The player can sell his/her redundant powers to other players based on his domination level


The Jungle Expedition

The player is put into a fantasy jungle. The player is initially given an animal character using a random draw. The jungle has land based animals, water bound animals and flying birds. Each clan has its own set of abilities and limitations. The player must attack and kill another creature to collect coins. These coins can be redeemed to purchase other NFT items. The more the abilities collected by the player the more powerful he/she becomes at hunting other players.

Mini Game Extravaganza

Embark on a thrilling journey in Casino Quest: Mini Game Extravaganza. Enjoy a diverse collection of captivating casino mini-games, where luck and strategy converge for endless entertainment and winning opportunities.


The Virtual Sports Universe

 The Virtual Sports Universe is a groundbreaking metaverse experience where football enthusiasts can step onto the virtual pitch, showcasing their skills, scoring goals, and participating in thrilling matches.