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    According to recent research, the global gaming industry generated $143 billion in revenue and is likely to grow in upcoming years. As a result, it is apparent that the gaming platform concept has been a huge success.

    The NFT and blockchain gaming space are making waves globally, with Splinterlands being the popular blockchain game and a most active NFT Marketplace with over 2500 daily active users, facilitates the idea of Creating an NFT Gaming platform.

    Are you a business owner who wants to create a game platform using the Splintersland clone script?


    Then, here is a comprehensive guide to help you make the most of your opportunity to learn everything there is to know about the Splinterland clone script before you join us.

    Splinterlands clone script

    Splinterlands Clone Script is a fully decentralized and ready-to-use website script of Fantasy NFT Card Game that allows the players to freely purchase, sell, and trade their digital assets using blockchain technology where all transactions are publicly and immutably recorded. 

    We at Gamesdapp develop NFT marketplaces integrated with different blockchain networks and protocols. We offer Splinterlands Clone Script that possesses the functionalities and features of the original Splinterlands NFT game.

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    Splinterlands - An Overview

    Splinterlands is a collectible trading multiplayer card game with a design that will make you think of a symbiosis between pokemon card games and World of Warcraft characters. The game has developed storytelling based on a mystical world. Built on the Steem Blockchain to offer fast transactions and full transparency. Get in the game, conquer a world or solve quests.

    The digital collectible card game Splinterlands is based on blockchain technology. It works similarly to games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone, in which you gather cards with different attributes and abilities and use them to battle other players in skill-based bouts.

    Every card is personally owned, which means that no one, not even the game's developers, can take them away from any player, and everyone may buy, sell, and trade them exactly like traditional trading cards.

    What Blockchain does Splinterlands Game Clone run on?

    Our Splinterlands Clone Platform runs on Hive Blockchain, which is a public, fully decentralized, and distributed blockchain platform with a powerful user base and a diverse set of applications that run on it. This hive blockchain offers many exclusive features that make it the best option for running a user-friendly blockchain game or DApp. The blockchain allows fast and free transactions, with human-readable wallet address and account recovery options.

    Workflow of Splinterlands Clone Script:


    • Splinterlands is a one-on-one fighting game. The player is matched against a player with a similar ranking.


    • These players will be given a set of battle parameters that are picked at random. After then, both players will have a set amount of time to make a deck of cards.


    • Following each player's selection of a deck, the fight will begin and play out according to the predetermined game rules. The game can either result in a win or a tie.


    • Blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the future of gaming. It allows gamers to trade and sell their assets and properties within the game.


    • Splinterlands lets you purchase a wide range of items from within the game universe, including cards, potions, lands, dice, and even skins for customizing your character.


    • Each of these goods has a specific function in the game and can be purchased, sold, or rented to other players.


    • In addition, players can win rewards by participating in tournaments, matches.


    • Regardless of the player's experience, skill level, or card collection size, there is always a chance to win in this game.

    Benefits of Building Splinterlands Clone Script on Blockchain Technology

    The Splinterlands Clone Script allows the players to trade, sell, and lease their card assets.

    Blockchain facilitates the safe and secure purchase, prevents fraudulent activities, and allow the players to store and have complete control over their in-game assets.

    The digital collectible cards in your collection can be compatible with 3rd party marketplace platforms such as Open Sea, Monster Market, PeakMonsters, etc. You can also,

    - Combine the cards to gain levels
    - Convert cards to crypto
    - Trade with anyone
    - Sell on Multiple Platforms
    - Rent cards to Other players

    Splintershards (SPS)

    Splintershards (SPS) is a cryptocurrency governance token that works as the native currency in the Splinterlands card trading game. The main purposes of splintershards token include decision-making ability and control over the asset owners, stakeholders, and player-base.

    Splintershards (SPS) Tokenomics

    There is a total of about 3,000,000,000 SPS tokens that can be distributed as follows:

    10% to the Foundation/DAO  
    30% for staking  
    13.33% for airdrop
    6.66% for the private sale  
    9%  for the SPS team  
    1% for  partners/advisors  
    30% for play-to-earn activities  

    Features of Splinterlands Clone Script 


    • 100% Decentralized
    • Splinterlands has its own native token SPS - provided to the players as a reward. 
    • The token is set up as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) 
    • Smart Contracts published on the Binance Smart Chain
    • Ability to port smart contracts between BSC and Ethereum
    • Low transaction fees 
    • Fast transaction confirmation
    • After smart contract deployment, the players can able to stake their SPS tokens, which can be used for governance voting in the DAO. 
    • The tokens will be 100% controlled and governed by the community of token holders.


    How Unique is our Splinterlands Clone Script?

    Unlike other NFT games on the market, Our Splinterlands Clone Script offers the feature of cross-compatibility with other blockchains including Tron, Ethereum, and WAX. Another uniqueness of splinterlands game clone is that it has its own blockchain, which provides in-game stability and frequent upgrades to the card trading game.

    Splinterlands Clone Script on WAX Blockchain

    The WAX blockchain is the brainchild of the Worldwide Asset eXchange, which delivers the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell, and trade virtual items (NFTs) - to anyone, anywhere in the world.WAX blockchain offers simple development options to design and develop decentralized applications (dApps). Some of these dApps include decentralized marketplaces and NFT creators for users to mint their own WAX NFTs. 

    We also offer Splinterlands Clone Script on WAX Blockchain that helps you to design and deploy a custom game website like Splinterlands. This Splinterlands Game Clone on WAX blockchain makes the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) easily accessible and affordable, not just for the wealthy. 

    Benefits of WAX Integration on Splinterlands Game Clone

    By launching on the WAX Blockchain, Splinterlands boosts access to millions of Marketplace customers while approaching frictionless blockchain-powered experiences that include,

    - Two-click blockchain account creation

    - Using WAX ExpressTrade for secure and convenient exchange. WAX Express trade is a Turnkey P2P trading and item transfer system for digital collectible cards of splinterlands.

    - Allows Free and instant transactions for video gaming and digital item-focused dApps.

    Where to Get the Best Spliterands Clone script?

    If you want to make your game platform like Splinterlands, Gamedapp is a great place to start. We are the Leading NFT Gaming Platform Development Company, which helps you to quickly establish your own highly secure NFT gaming platform, replete with cutting-edge features and security measures tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

    Our clone script is highly adaptable, allowing you to change and manage them according to your needs. We have a strong team of technical professionals who can share their skills in developing a high-performing gaming platform for your business. We offer,


    • Ready to go platform. 
    • Additional revenue models And loyalty programs.
    • Compatibility with multiple devices (Both Android & iOS apps).
    • Multilingual assistance is available.
    • Transparent and safe platform.
    • Tech support is available.
    • SEO-friendly platform.

    If you're not sure how to start with your gaming platform like Splinterlands, then feel free to contact us.

    Our professional expert will assist you soon and thoroughly explain the concept in detail. So, it's time to shift your perspective!

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