Megacryptopolis Clone Script - To Build Decentralized City Builder Strategy Game on Different Blockchain Networks

    Megacryptopolis Clone Script 


    Mega Crypto Polis Clone Script comprises a complete source code to start a decentralized city builder strategy game running in the form of dApp on multiple blockchains.


    Gamesdapp offers MegaCryptoPolis Clone Script that enables you to  launch a DApp Gaming platform that has all the alive features and functionalities like Megacryptopolis 3D Game. You can Develop and deploy your own DApp Game like MegaCryptoPolis instantly with our Megacryptopolis Clone Script.


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    Megacryptopolis - An Overview


    MegaCryptoPolis is based on a decentralized online multiplayer strategy game , with all in game transactions verified by smart contracts and all player activities stored within the Ethereum blockchain. This game allows the players to rent buildings, produce materials those are required by other buildings, create new generations of citizens, offer services to other players, place ads and drive cars etc,. 


    MegaCryptoPolis Clone Development


    Our White label Megacryptopolis Game Clone is 100% robust, bug-free and customizable with high-end technology tools, and security to launch your Gaming platform instantly. This Mega Crypto Polis 3D Game clone seeks to offer its players from all over the world to build the city of their dreams and use the security, immutability and transparency characteristics of blockchain technology.


    Core Game Assets of MegaCryptoPolis Game Clone


    > Land Plots
    > Buildings
    > Citizens
    > Districts
    > Packs


    MEGA Token


    The native Defi token of Megacryptopolis - $MEGA, empowers the microeconomic ecosystem of the game and enhances users’ experience and immersiveness as a whole.There are various ways for a player to collect $MEGA, the first is through yielding. Initially, this was the only method for players to acquire it.


    All of the supplies of $MEGA token were kept in a vault and to get them, players can lock-in their resources in exchange for $MEGA. The more people pitch their resources in, the less the amount of token they will get in return as the supply diminishes, they have to put in more resources.


    The $MEGA Staking


    It is possible to stake MEGA tokens in order to get bonuses which will be directly related to the Districts! Every property owner can stake their $MEGA token to benefit the whole District.


    List of perks that can be enabled by staking:


    • Increase POI Range 
    • Chance to receive double the amount
    • Produce Faster 
    • Make Siblings  by receiving an extra citizen token with same avatar
    • Get Extra Appliances Slots 
    • Get Extra Stamina for Citizens 


    Benefits of launching a DApp Game like MegaCryptopolis


    • Cost-effective business model
    • Secured buy and sell of in-game assets 
    • True ownership of in-game assets of players
    • Enables interoperability profiles for all players
    • Increased Active Players
    • High Return on Investment
    • High-end security and safety for both players and developers 


    Functionalities of MegaCryptoPolis Game Clone 


    1. Hardcoded Price rising on every sold block of LAND
    2. Produce Resources,appliances and cars
    3. Trade on the open market or external exchanges
    4. Manage Collectible citizens and pets
    5. Plots sold near yours bring you ether
    6. Every action in your district brings you Ether


    Features of our Megacryptopolis Clone Script 


    • Two-factor authentication
    • Reputation system
    • Less and compact storage size
    • Advanced UI/UX with Ultra processing speed
    • Safe and secure wallets
    • Attractive reward plans and options
    • Easy to set up and play features
    • Options to exchange assets within players
    • Complete Digital Ownership to players.
    • Native Token Integration and more.


    Build Decentralized City Builder Strategy Game on Ethereum Blockchain 


    Developing dApp games on the Ethereum blockchain has helped gaming entrepreneurs in solving security-related issues by providing robust security protocols thereby frequently changing the landscape of the gaming arena.


    If you are planning to build your own dapp game like Megacryptopolis on Ethereum Blockchain, Gamedapp can assist you. We provide Megacryptopolis Clone Software to kick-start your own highly secured gaming platform over Ethereum blockchain with top-rate functionality & advanced security features. With this Ethereum dapp gaming platform, we can also provide crypto wallet where users can secure their own assests.


    Create Decentralized City Builder Strategy Game on TRON Blockchain 


    As we have already known that TRON is the most popular blockchain for DApp development. We help you to Create your Decentralized City Builder Strategy Game on TRON Blockchain with great ease and at a price that is almost negligible.


    TRON blockchain is an open-source platform for the development of decentralized applications and uses smart contracts to manage digital transaction without any interruption. Our  DApp game developers go beyond their limits to deliver the best possible blockchain software solutions to our clients.


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    Launch Decentralized City Builder Strategy Game on Matic Blockchain


    Matic network helps in increasing the efficiency of performing transactions of gaming networks over a blockchain. The throughput of transactions such as buying or selling in-game currencies/ cryptocurrencies can be automatically increased. With Polygon Matic blockchain technology and Ethereum network working together, game developers can able to build and play games more effectively. 


    Matic Network was used as a layer 2 sidechain as a scalability solution for the MegaCryptoPolis to make instant and free transactions for all the players. The high complexity of MegaCryptoPolis gameplay with many different types of assets influencing each other led to use Matic network as the only possible option for a trusted and purely decentralized scalability solution. 


    You can Launch   own DApp Game like Megacryptopolis on Polygon Matic Blockchain from us and accomplish the benefit of matic network's high-speed, low-fee infrastructure to transform your DApp from a great idea into a successful DApp business.


    Why Gamesdapp?


    Being a Predominant Blockchain Game Development Company, GamesDApp helps you to Build DApp Game on major blockchain networks like TRON, ETH, MATIC, COSMOS and also expertise in developing various popular games on the blockchain network using smart contract. Our team of expert game developers are ready to take any risks in developing the dapp  game on any Blockchain network that you prefer.


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