MLM Clone Script - To Start 100% Decentralized Ethereum Smart Contract Based MLM platform is the Smart Contract-based MLM Platform which is runs on the ethereum blockchain. Etrix uses a specific algorithm and app code to transfer the funds among the member with full encryption. The participants can earn 806 ETH every 90 days with a risk-free and easiest way.


    How Smart Contract works in


    Smart contract is the encrypted agreement that is written with computer code. A smart contract is run on a blockchain, it cannot be altered after the creation of a smart contract. It transfers the funds based on the conditions. Smart contract doesn’t need any intermediates to transfer or receive amounts. It cannot be easily hacked. Smart contract is more secured, faster, and fully decentralized.



    How its work?


    For, signup process you have to pay with 0.05 ETH and enter into the first level. It will be sent to your upline. After the joining of the first member under you in the tree. You will return get you 0.05ETH.


    After the signup, you can access your ethereum wallet. It doesn't need passwords because of the smart contract. On one can easily access it without the proper authentication.


    You can receive the direct commission after you referral the two members directly.


    You will get into level 1 immediately after the signup. The team matrix will automatically be activated when you refer 2 direct referrals under you in the tree.


    It's full of 90 days process. If you extend the level then you have to repeat the process every 3 months.


    Upgrade your level to earn double. Here, referrals can be invited with referral links or without the website but directly into a smart contract




    Matrix in


    Three types of the matrix are used in they are force matrix, Team Matrix, and Hybrid matrix.


    Force matrix


    Here force matrix uses the tree structure which means new members are placed in the next available place no need placed after you. You need to recommend at least two members to get a proper commission. You can get the first level commission, after referring two members before they join under you in the tree.


    Team matrix


    To activate the team matrix you need to refer directly to two members. To receive a first level commission, you need to activate the first level before the below person activates in this matrix. To get continuous commissions you have to upgrade the downlines.


    Hybrid matrix


    Here it follows the commission structure like a hybrid matrix. To get a first level commission, you have to activate the first level before the person who comes under you in this matrix. Focuses on the downline to upgrade the level to get continuous commissions.




  MLM clone script


    Etrix MLM clone script features and functionality the same as We gamesdapp develop MLM platforms with the smart contract and in ethereum blockchain. We build an etrix MLM clone script with all the force, team, and hybrid matrix. other MLM clone we offer such as


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    Benefits of our Etrix Clone Script


    Fully Decentralized Platform

    Peer to peer Transaction

    Guaranteed Larger ROI

    100% Transparency

    100% safe and secure

    No scam/Risk Free

    100% open source smart contract system

    Payment deposites directly to your ethereum wallet


    Why us?

    Gamesdapp- We are a top-notch Blockchain Games Development Company, we have experts who have expertise in Smart Contract Development, dapp development and Cryptocurrency MLM Development With ethereum Smart Contracts, and lot more.

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