CryptoMines Clone Script - To Create SCI-FI P2E NFT Game on BSC


    CryptoMines Clone script

    CryptoMines Clone script is a SciFi play-to-earn NFT game designed to provide the users with a fun experience by collecting workers and spaceships to travel through the universe searching for $ETERNAL. 

    The clone script for CryptoMines promises to be the best SciFi game on the blockchain, allowing gamers to experience a vast cosmos, the excitement of strategic gaming, and of course, earn $ETERNAL.The game is running on the BSC and is compatible with web3 wallets like MetaMask which will be used to process transactions and pay gas fees.

    MetaMask is available for download as a browser extension or as a mobile application. Properties are players owned NFTS minted to the ERC-721 standard that may be traded on our marketplace or sold to another player via peer-to-peer transactions.


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    CryptoMines - An Overview

    CryptoMines is an NFT game where you can earn money by playing. The game is set in space and evocative of classic browser-based worker placement games like Dark Throne, Travian, and Ikariam. The gameplay of CryptoMines starts slowly and has some uninteresting periods like those games. The less work you put in to earn cryptocurrencies by playing play-to-earn games. CryptoMines requires so little of your time that it may be considered passive revenue.

    You play as a mining magnate in CryptoMines, commanding a fleet of workers and ships. The acquisition phase of the game takes the most time. It takes a lot of patience, thinking, and studying enough employees with enough Mining Power (MP) and Ships that can transport them to various planets.

    Each planet you can mine will have a specific MP need, so you will need to go to the marketplace with a specific goal in mind. You will need to plan ahead of time for the number of ships you need to purchase as well as optimize your worker loadout. Keep in mind that you want to spend as little money as possible so look for high MP and low-cost units.

    Mining in CryptoMines is similar to CryptoGodz in that it entails pressing a button and rolling a die. You choose one of your fleets and send it to one of the game's different planets when you're ready to mine. The amount of Eternal that you earn from the journey will be shown as the game’s main cryptocurrency. The success rate of your crew will also be highlighted. The team's success is totally dependent on RNG, but if they succeed, you will receive the amount of eternal reward shown. The subsequent iterations will include a Guild system which is a common feature in MMOs as well as PvP fleet versus Fleet gameplay.

    How does it work?

     Mine planets

    To go to new worlds, you need to establish a fleet. Your main power will be determined by the rarity of your workers which in turn affect which planets you can visit. You can go to an Lv2 planet with 200 MP if you have two rarity 2 employees and a rarity 2 spaceship. Workers will be able to acquire materials 24 hours once per 24 hours at the most.


    Players will be rewarded for materials mined on planets based on their fleet level and the planet they visit. An oracle has been built to keep the cash value of the awards consistent as well as to keep the reward pool from being depleted too quickly.

    Early withdraw fee

    When collecting your rewards at $ETERNAL, there is a 30% early withdrawal cost. This fee will be lowered by 2% after you embark on your first exploration of the day, and so on until it reaches 0% and you can withdraw tax-free. Our workers will be transported to new worlds through spaceships, where they will receive better prizes based on their Mine Power. When these ships are minted, their rarity will determine the number of employees we may transport on our travels.

    Each player’s fleet will be limited to a maximum of ten ships. The rarity of your spaceships has a direct impact on the rank and success rate of your fleet when it is armed.

    Workers are our primary mining force, and they will be deployed throughout the metaverse to mine $ETERNAL. Each worker will also require Guild maintenance via Fleets. Locate the best workers, and boost your earnings to new galaxies!. Workers can be fired, returning 20% of the mint cost to the player who paid in $ETERNAL.


    These are NFTs that was made by combining all of your workers and ships. You can either add NFTs to these fleets or completely dismantle them, retrieving all of your employees and ships separately, so plan ahead when building your fleet !.

    Name, Mining power, Fleet rank, Fleet level, and Fleet contract are some of the attributes that your fleets will have. If your fleets are contracted or exhausted, they will not be able to be dismantled. Remember that dismantling a fleet will result in the loss of all accumulated experience.

    There is no limit to how many fleets you can have on your account, although we don’t advocate having more than 300 NFT on your account. Each fleet can participate in an expedition independently of others, therefore if you have five fleets, you will be able to mine the planet of your choice five times. The cost of constructing a fleet will be $ETERNAL 0.5 USD for every NFT installed.

    How to play CryptoMines? 

    Players will need to have a Binance account, a MetaMask wallet, and some spare cash that they can afford to give up to play CryptoMines. Keep in mind that you should not make investments that you can afford to give up. Because the game is entirely played in a browser, it may be played on any device that supports MetaMask and can run a browser game.

    Why CryptoMines clone script?

    The oracle is employed to keep the economy of the game regulated around a constant dollar value. Because the ecosystem can only hold a fixed number of $ETERNAL tokens, a massive influx of players would rapidly drain all of the $ETERNAL in the game contract.

    CryptoMines clone script uses the oracle to create a link between active users and the dollar value of $ETERNAL. The idea is that when the price of $ETERNAL rises, so does the demand for $ETERNAL owing to the addition of new game features or an influx of new players.

    The oracle will verify that transaction payout are consistent in dollar value at the moment they are made as well as that mint charges for NFTs are accurate in dollar value. This means that entry prices and rewards may be balanced and maintained over time and they will precisely reflect the targeted minting costs, allowing new players to participate even if the value of $ETERNAL climbs in value.

    Why GamesDApp for CryptoMines clone script?
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