XOXO Network Clone Script : Build Smart Contract MLM Platform Like XOXO Network

    XOXO is the MLM network that is run on the Ethereum smart contract. XOXO network is fully decentralized and it's like a Forsage MLM platform. The member has full secured transactions in XOXO with the help of a smart contract.


    “XOXO Network is the effective decentralized P2P global powerline networking system, develop on an Ethereum blockchain technology. The system is simple, secured, and lucrative.”


    XOXO Clone Script 


    XOXO MLM clone script as the same as XOXO which has all the advanced features. It provides zero risks to all investors. To start a Smart Contract based MLM like XOXO, you need expert consultation and necessary development support. Another most impressive way is an XOXO Clone Script which allows customization as per the user requirements.


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    How does XOXO network work?


    XOXO Network is one of the more lucrative platforms for crypto lovers. It works based on Autopool". Members in the XOXO network have to pay 1 ETH for the membership fee and they join in Autopool. You can get the 50% commission when you refer someone to join in Autopool. Here, Timestamp is used to track the member's moves. The timestamp is tracked and stored on Ethereum blockchain and it is easy to track which member joins at what time. XOXO offers you can get a guaranteed profit of 0.3 ETH to 1.50 ETH by referring three users to the platform.


    Profit is coming under pyramid format, 

    50% commission comes from all level 1 referrals

    25% commission comes from all level 2 referrals

    15% commission comes from all level 3 referrals

    10% commission comes from all level 4 referrals


     xoxo network mlm clone script


    Here some examples for XOXO Network Business joining fees break down:

    Autopool 1 level: 0.1 ETH
    Autopool 2 level: 0.1 ETH
    Autopool 3 level: 0.15 ETH
    Autopool 4 level: 0.2 ETH
    Autopool 5 level: 0.25 ETH
    Autopool 6 level: 0.35 ETH
    Autopool 7 level: 0.5 ETH




    How Smart Contract works in XOXO?


    XOXO Network builds with a strong smart contract on Ethereum blockchain which maintains all the payments and Autopool. With smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, you can utilize an Ethereum blockchain explorer to check certain details. You can check the smart contract code to confirm its authenticity, for instance, and guarantee the code legitimately circulates payments.


    Smart contracts can hold reserves. A smart contract might hold assets until a specific trigger, for example, at which point the smart contract releases funds.

    In any case, the XOXO network claims their smart contract doesn't hold any assets. Instead, it pays funds instantly and straightforwardly into members’ wallets, without any supports held or stored by smart contracts.

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    Benefits and Features of XOXO network


    High returns and No risk 

    P2P Multi payment method

    100% Decentralized

    Unlimited referral bonus

    Hack free/ scam free

    01 Global Autopool

    Unstoppable protocol

    Earn unlimited Ethereum

    0.1 ETH ($21 USD) joining fee

    Simple, Secure, and more Lucrative



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