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Alien Worlds Clone Script

Alien Worlds Clone Script, is a fun-filled gaming arena that is a decentralized powered NFT Metaverse game clone script that is modeled after Alien Worlds. The Alien Worlds clone script is a ready-to-use solution for establishing your own NFT Metaverse-based Game marketplace with features similar to those found in Alien Worlds, the most popular blockchain-based NFT Metaverse Game today. GamesDapp is the best NFT Metaverse Game Development Company that develops and deploys NFT game clone Script to help you build your own NFT game similar to Alien Worlds, which is noted for being unique and extremely configurable.

Features of Alien Worlds Clone Script


It allows users to stake Trilium in order to vote and raise the pool's Planetary prizes.

Planet DAOs

It allows users to vote in weekly elections and propose recommendations for how the planetary treasure should be distributed.

Cards for Gaming

On WAX, BSC, and Ethereum, users can choose from a variety of NFT Gamecards for mining, battling, and missions.

Bridging the Cross-Chains

Trillium (TLM) can be teleported between BSC, Ethereum, and WAX using this capability.

Gaming Advantages In Alien Worlds Clone Script

The NFTs Gaming features that we inherited in our Alien Worlds Clone Script are listed below.


There are six different rarity levels for NFT Alien Worlds in Alien Worlds, such as Abundant, Rare, Common, Epic, Legendary and renowned, Mythical


There are four levels of shininess in this game Stone, Gold, Stardust, XDimension, Antimatter. Lower-level objects can be fused together to boost their luster and qualities.


You've arrived in an alien world. The land is a collection of NFTs that depict land parcels on Alien Worlds' planets. If any players own land, they can mine it themselves.


The NFTs used in fighting games are called minions, and they are employed by communities. All around the metaverse, minions are looking forward to the games.


In this platform, each player is given a free shovel to start with, which has a very restricted mining power. There are numerous tools, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

NFTs Missions

These can be obtained by completing quests on Metaverse. There are three separate Mission NFTs in Alien Worlds, which include, Crafting Key,Base Power and Boost Power.

Why Create An Alien Worlds-like NFT Gaming Platform?

Alien Worlds is the first NFT Metaverse Game Platform.

The most popular blockchain-based NFT game is Alien Worlds.

There are numerous elements that appeal to gamers.

Players can collect and play with unique digital items.

Alien Worlds has been the top in-app game platform.

Alien World has the most popular dapp with active users.

Alien Worlds Clone Development Company

We at GamesDapp, the Alien Worlds Clone Development approach entails the creation of an NFT game clone script with all of Alien Worlds' features and plugins to help you establish your own NFT Gaming Platform similar to Alien Worlds.

Alien Worlds Clone is the easiest way to get your NFT Gaming Marketplace up and running quickly. GamesDapp is a renowned blockchain game development company with professional services at an affordable cost and services are personalized as per your requirements.

Why Choose Gamesdapp For Alien Worlds Clone Development?

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We have a team of expert game developers and tech maestros who have been in the blockchain-based NFT game development services industry for many years. Our team specializes in developing blockchain-powered gaming solutions for clients around the world.

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