STEPN Clone App - To Launch NFT Based M2E Fitness Game App like STEPN


    When users play games on P2E, they just get the most rewards in playing but,  M2E games reward users for engaging in physical activity like rewards for walking, running, dancing, and more.


    If you're already a Fit Person doing jogging or other sports, you might as well try out these upcoming M2E games.


    STEPN Clone App

    STEPN Clone App is a move to earn (M2E) web3 fitness lifestyle App integrated with fun game elements, social-fi, and game-fi elements using this Clone App you can launch an exact M2E App like STEPN.


    In the STEPN Clone App, the users need to buy NFT sneakers to walk, jog or run outdoors. As a reward, players can earn game currencies that can be used to upgrade and mint new Sneakers.


    What is Move To Earn?


    A Move to Earn or M2E is the hottest topic that allows users to earn NFTs or cryptos, money as rewards for doing actions like walking, running, dancing, or any other movement.


    Most M2E apps allow users to earn decent income via involvement in daily physical exercises such as running, and fitness exercises.


    For Example:


    Many gamers have a curiosity or interest in smart phone-based game apps like Pokemon GO, which shows players to move around to find rewards or characters. As with this M2E games guides users to participate in physical activities to earn cryptos as rewards. 

    M2E came up with the tagline to motivate users to create a healthier life through the combination of Gaming Finance & fitness apps.


    Top M2E Game App


    • STEPN (GMT and GST

    • Sweatcoin (SWEAT)

    • Step App (FITFI and KCAL)

    • Lympo (LYM and LMT)


    • Genopets (GENE)

    If you’re into fitness — or just want to get into shape — you might think that M2E apps are the ideal solution, giving you the ability to earn an income simply by doing what you would already be doing anyway.


    Who builds the STEPN Clone?


    Gamesdapp, a well-known NFT Game Development Company now provides the best Move To Earn Solution to any kind of business related to the concept of M2E. We create Move To Earn applications and platforms with all the latest technology that rewards cryptos or NFTs for every movement.


    Tech Stack Covered In STEPN Clone


    Programming Language for backend: MEAN or PHP | Solidity

    Tool - Android Studio(Latest Version)

    Language - Java/Kotlin (Updated Language)

    Web Service - REST API's

    Web Service Format - Json Format

    Database - Back end database (MySql)

    SQLite local database - Room local database

    Design - Material Design

    Design : Unity 3D for graphics

    All browsers & Devices Responsive

    SEO Friendly


    Security Features In STEPN Clone App 


    • AES Encryption Prevention

    • Anti CSRF Token

    • XSS Clean

    • HTPP Headers

    • Mail Id Encryption


    White Label STEPN Clone

    The White Label STEPN Clone lets you customize the app according to your business needs using this white label solution in STEPN clone development time and cost will be affordable. You can customize it as your wish within a short duration of time.


    STEPN Overview


    STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app with  Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements with the M2E model. STEPN is developed based on the daily physical activities of the people who are moving around bringing out the move&earn concept. In this application, the users collect the shoes with NFT Sneakers and earn the game currencies by walking, jogging, or running outdoors.

    These profits can be used to boost their NFT sneakers or be cashed out. Inside the STEPN App, there is an in-app Marketplace where the players can lease or sell their NFT Sneakers. 

    Tokens In STEPN Clone

    GST ( Utility token) and GMT ( Utility and Governance token) You just need to step out or move to earn those GST and GMT tokens.

    You can get a GMT token only when you reach the NFT sneaker level 30.

    After reaching a very high level in STEPN, users can start earning GMT coins to become validators.

    GST Token is used for settling transaction fees and other in-game fees.

    The GST token is used as the in-game reward for users below level 29


    Features of STEPN Clone App

    Burn Mechanism

    The GMT and GST tokens being available in a limited supply has made the requirement of a burn mechanism to lead a healthy life. This process is used to reduce the demand for both the GMT and GST tokens through various in-app activities.

    Dual Token Model

    The STEPN ecosystem drives on a dual-token economy model which is mainly due to the need for fundraising and utility. There are two tokens available for the users to earn rewards through different methods as follows:

    Green Metaverse Token (GMT)

    Green Satoshi Token (GST)

    Decentralized Wallet

    The decentralized wallet is built into the game and supports two tokens and assets.


    In this marketplace where the users can sell, or buy their NFT Sneakers, badges, and gems.

    Other Specified Features

    GameFi Elements

    Game Modes


    Gems and Sockets

    Shoe Minting


    STEPN Clone App Development


    Gamesdapp is the best in STEPN Clone App Development from among competitors you can launch a web3 lifestyle app like STEPN at an affordable cost. This App helps you to make physical activities at the same time you can earn more rewards.


    How does the STEPN Clone App generate revenue for you?


    The STEPN Clone owner gets revenue from the small amount of money for the in-app activities performed by the users like NFT trading, shoe minting, and shoe rental are some of such activities. The assets in the applications are owned by the users and also the earnings of the app are also made by the users.


    Do you want to enter into the world of Move-To-Earn? Create Your own M2E platform like STEPN Now. 

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