Start your MLM Business with Ethereum Dapp and Smartcontract

    What is MLM ?


    Multilevel Marketing (MLM) is a system for services or selling goods through a network of distributors. Multilevel marketing is also referred to as Direct Sales or Network Marketing. Let's see the glance about binary and binary MLM. 


    A Binary Plan is a (left and right) two Legged structure used in Multi-Level Marketing where each new members or distributor are placed in either left or right subtree. Where one subtree is known as a Profit Leg or Power Leg while the second subtree is a weak leg or a Profit Leg.


    Binary MLM is an exclusive business strategy used by a lot of Networking marketing companies. Binary MLM is established around the number 2. The distributor plan in a binary MLM looks related to a binary tree. Two new members are introduced by the distributor. These 2 new distributors would then, hire other 2 distributors each and so on.


    Advantages of Binary Plan in Network Marketing


    1. SpillOver: Spillover is the capability to have new members placed under you by your upline. Then you can place members under people in your downline organization. The power leg allows mutually benefit and inspire everyone to attempt to recruit new members


    2. Unlimited Depth: You can build your network in any depth you need and every member in the upline is guaranteed to earn profit from successful sales.


    3. Fast Expansion: Each member needs to recruit only two new members which potentially leads to fast expansion.


    4. Volume Driven Plan: Binary plan ensures to pay more to the members who bring the orders


    5. Multiple Business Centers: Binary tree is a recursive data structure so, Binary Plan allows multiple business centres for the MLM to be created


    Smart Contract powered MLM 


    MLM emerges as one of the comfortable and affordable methods to enlarge a business as well as its user reach. The distribution network businesses imperative functions and tools which enthuse synergy a company’s working. The tools and functions also provide more stability for the scalability of business within its respective domain.

    Smart Contract Integration

    The integration of smart contracts solutions into the MLM business structure, it facilitate the selling while making it integral to the ceaseless growth of the enterprise. The company generates more assets with a help of peer-to-peer architecture. When configured Smart contracts in MLM platform , it provides lot of advantages. It eradicate the chances of fraud that most of the end-users and wholesalers are exposed to. while establishing a strong trusted network smart contracts brings a high level of precision in operations. The integration of smart contract enables automated transactions with authorized techniques.


    MLM with Cryptocurrency


    Cryptocurrency has cleared a route for one more Business technique. Multi-level Marketing is introduced into the Crypto circle with make every one of the exchanges and process is much simpler.MLM has entered into this new strategy by implementing the integrated features of Ethereum by laying a virtual platform. One can even build a new customized plan by using this ethereum technology and the new projects have recently started and round the world with a mission of building humanity and wealth.


    MLM website with Ethereum Network 


    * Doubleway

    * Million money

    * Ethereums cash

    * Forsage 




   is an smartcontract based MLM business website which is build in ethreum network application. Concerning the specific algorithm, the application code is programmed in a way to distribute incoming transfer among members according to a specific algorithm. has paved the fastest, ease and risk-free way for you to earn near 800 ETH(equals to $112000) every 60 days. 


    It's a revolutionary unique DAPP (Decentralized Application) matrix system which is deployed to the Ethereum (ETH)network using smart contracts. No one can able to delete or change the contract. It’s impossible to hack it. It will always be there for as long as the blockchain technology itself exists. The code is opensource, anyone can read it and audit. Its task is to redirect members amount transactions from wallet to wallet, according to the marketing conditions. It does not keep the funds of the members on the site. It has the capability to repeat the profit cycle every 100 days.



    Forsage MLM Script is an Smart Contract based ethereum MLM Script which comes with 100% decentralized Smart Contract that operates similarly to Forsage Multilevel marketing project. The Script is build with a customized smart contract which can be customized with  Unilevel , Binary level and various Matrix plans. 


    Benefits of Forsage clone script 

    » Transparency and privacy 

    » Peer to peer payment 

    » Cross- platform compatibality 

    » Impossible to hack

    » Lucarative




    Ethereum cash is a website with Ethereum network with smart contract. Here users can earn ETH regarding their actions. Etherem cash is the fastest , easiest and low risk to earn more than 55000 ETH every 180 days.

    They use two kinds of wallet, thay are  :

    ✅ Meta mask 

    ✅ Trust wallet 




    Benifits of Ethereum Included in MLM 


    » No fees /low fees

    » Fast transaction

    » Data is secure 

    » Eliminate fraud task 

    » Impossible to Hack

    » Easy to trace

    » Convinent payment method

    » 100% Decentralized

    » No withdrawal request required ever



    Why us?


    Ethereum(ETH) is the second cryptocurrency after Bitcoin(BTC) by popularity, and the first, by popularity, in smart contracts. To reach the business globally, Gamesdapp provides the options for MLM website development with ETH dapp. Creation of Dapps in the blockchain technology that reduces the capital expenses and assure the huge level of integration with various apps. Gamesdapp has a skilled development team and is a Worldwide MLM Software Provider. Reach us to build your MLM with Ethereum Dapp.


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