Polkawar Clone Script - To Build Decentralized MultiChain NFT Fighting Game Platform like Polkawar

    Polkawar Clone Script 

    Polkawar Clone Script is a website script of a traditional battle and betting NFT game built over the Blockchain network. The game characters, battle equipment, and battle weapons everything here is minted in the form of NFTs. These NFTs gain value in two ways. - Trading with another user - Increase the mana of the NFTs by using them on the battlefield.


    Being the Best NFT Game Development Company, Gamesdapp is offering many NFT Game Clone Scripts on various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Tron, Polygon, Solana, BSC, etc. Our professional team of Blockchain Game developers can design and develop a fully functional, ready-to-launch Polkawar Clone Script with customizable gaming functionalities as you desire.


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    The NFTs involved 


    3 Game characters 


    • Warrior 
    • Archer 
    • Magician 


    7 Weapons 


    • Sword
    • Big Knife
    • Bow & Arrow
    • Gun
    • Tessen
    • Scepter
    • Magic Vase 


    4 types of equipment 


    • Armor
    • Helmet
    • Wing
    • Mount 


    Attributes of Game Characters 


    - Health Points (HP) 
    - Physical attack attributes
    - Magical attack attributes 
    - Physical defense attributes 
    - Magical defense attributes 
    - Attack speed attributes


    Each of the 3 Characters will have different attributes implemented in the smart contract and based on the gameplay the attributes fluctuate in real-time.


    Polkawar NFT Marketplace Clone


    The players can purchase the game characters and necessary weapons to enter the battlefield. The marketplace will have a collection of NFTs that can be tradeable between users and with the admin.


    These NFTs can later be traded outside the platform like Opensea as the metadata of NFTs allows trade anywhere in the same chain.


    In addition, if the player wishes to get the physical form of the equipment and weapons, it can be purchased and get shipped in real-time.


    Polkawar - GAMEPLAY 


    The polkawar game logic initiates a battle between two players of nearly closest properties. The choice of competitor is selected based on a First come first serve basis. If no competitor is available, the properties and bet value of USDC will be locked in the system and notify the player when the competitor is on the field In the battle between a and b, the winner will be decided by comparing their properties using a game logic formula implemented in smart contract When the battle ends, the winner will get all USDC collected from both parties and locked in escrow.


    Maximum equipment a character can wear at the same time: 


    - Weapon: 1 (Magician can use both Magic Vase and Sceptre) 
    - Armor: 1
    - Helmet: 1 
    - Wing: 1
    - Mount: 1


    PWAR Token


    PWAR is the native token used in PolkaWar blockchain-based NFT game realm. The tokens are
    used for the following features:


    1. Farming reward: Liquidity providers will be able to earn more profit by locking LP tokens.


    2. Staking reward: Users can stake PWAR tokens to earn more tokens and gems to level up


    3. Marketplace fee: They are used to pay for goods and services in the NFT marketplace. For instance: if you want to sell your NFT on PolkaWar marketplace, you must pay a small amount of PWAR tokens as a fee and they will be burnt for ecosystem development.


    4. Renting fee: An NFT renting platform is expected to be built for PolkaWar Realm users. This
    will allow users the ability to lease their own characters to others for battle and receive the fees in exchange, if they aren't playing the game actively themselves.


    5. Governance: Token holders can participate in the decentralized governance process that
    decides on the use of revenues, game development, and growth.


    6. Play to earn: Users can earn PWAR tokens by participating in-game battles


    7. Purchase Game Items: PWAR can be used to purchase in-game weapons, equipment and exchange NFTs for physical items


    Why Gamesdapp for Polkawar Clone Script Development?


    Unlike other clone scripts, we are delivering a DApp gaming solution developed from scratch.


    To avoid security lack/loopholes and uncertain bugs, the smart contract involved in the entire gaming solution will be developed from scratch


    The contract will be sent for truffle test via an automated testing framework to confirm the logic implemented as drafted. The client will have the report and solidity files applicable to process audit works. 


    The suggestions for graphics and arts will be gathered and recreated as a fresh work to avoid copyright issues


    What do we provide in our clone solution of Polkawar?


    Our development covers the entire mechanism involved in the NFT Battle game as follows


    - Development of Governance token 


    - Development of mintable NFT Marketplace 


    - Art/character designing based on client preference


    - Necessary graphics development of metaverse using advanced stack 


    - Development of DApp Game floor 


    - Admin panel to manage entry fee, users, and everything involved in the system 


    - The game logic can be customized based on client preference 


    - Consultancy with an experienced DApp Analyst to discuss and compare the new game logic in the industry 


    - Technical Support After the game launch 


    - Dynamic build of the DApp system to enhance it with more features and levels when needed 


    We are here, glad to make you a precious opportunity of customizing the features and functionalities of the platform according to your business needs. Our technical experts will make you clear all your queries at any time.

    Enquire now to shape your own NFT Gaming Platform with us!!


    Disclaimer: Gamesdapp doesn't have any control over the trademark of "Polkawar" and We are not doing any promotions for them. We are just using the term "Polkawar" for quick understanding purposes only. Our services are not meant to influence any organization or individual.

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