FoxyNFT Game Clone - To Build Binance Smart Chain based NFT Gaming Platform like FoxyNFT


    FoxyNFT Clone Script 


    FoxyNFT Clone Script is a Binance Smart Chain based NFT game  where players can interact with NFT's feed them, battle with others and more.


    Gamesdapp offers customizable FoxyNFT Clone Script which is  a 100%  white label solutions that enable you to build Binance Smart Chain based Game like FoxyNFT and an NFT marketplace to showcase the collectibles.


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    Foxy NFT- Overview


    FoxyNFT(BEP721) is an experimental NFT Game on the BSC network where players can adopt a New FNFT feed them to level up and keep your FNFT's alive.


    If you dont feed your FNFT's they will get sick and other players can kill them using the "Hunter". Killing those FNFT's will reward the killer 50% exp from  the FNFT they just killed and it will be given to their desired FNFT.


    FNFTs have 4 types of intelligence and 4 sub raritty,


    Intelligence: Crazy, Normal,Smart and Genius  


    Sub Rarity: Common,Rare,Epic and Legendary,Intelligence and Sub Rarity has an impact on the FNFT Reward,HP and ATK Genius Ledgendary FNFTs giving the most rewards if killed at battle royal     


    FoxyNFT - Gameplay


    Adopt a New FNFT with 100 Foxy


    Feed them to level up and keep your FNFTs alive. You can use Foxy or any other token in the feed list.


    You can claim your reward once every 24 hrs. The amount of Foxy received depends on your FNFT's level.


    All Trainer join battle royal your pet without shield can attack by other trainer and if your pet lose in battle royaL, you can't claim daily reward and feed them you need heal them.


    Foxy Token


    FOXY token is inflationary and has no cap (like DOGE coin), hence it is important that there's a balancing measure in place, to keep circulation healthy. Fortunately, Foxy Equilibrium has some good burning mechanism which will keep your FOXY token scarce and valuable!


    100% FOXY token will be burned from shielding and healing, 80% FOXY tokens will be burned from adopting and feeding. We will discuss more about these concepts in the gameplay section.


    Burnt and Lottery Reward


    Below are the percentage of rewards that you can owe in the game,
    80% Foxy from adopting pets and feeding them will be burned
    10% from it will be allocated to Lottery Box Reward
    10% (the rest) will be allocated to the Foxy Master (Marketing purpose)
    100% from heal and shield cost will be burned


    FoxyNFT Clone - To start a NFT game platform like FoxyNFT


    FoxyNFT Clone is an NFT based gaming platform executing its functionalities entirely like FoxyNFT over Binance smart Chain Network. This FoxyNFT clone is 100% smart contract integrated software solution that comes with customization of the game.


    To create NFT game like FoxyNFT, you have to contact the best NFT Game Development Company and get assistance from them to build your own NFT game like FoxyNFT. Gamesdapp furnishes NFT game like FoxyNFT that can be readily available in two modes which include,


    >> Building the game platform from scratch by delivering the exact end to end services of FoxyNFT.


    >> The Second mode is opting for white label FoxyNft Clone as peryour requirements/ specifications.


    Features of FoxyNFT Clone Script 


    Features in our Foxynft clone play a major role by considering the role of users and admin.


    User Features


    • Swap/Exchange
    • Mint
    • LP
    • NFT elements
    • Game Floor
    • Rarity
    • Characteristics
    • Lottery

    Admin Features


    • Role-based dashboards
    • Banking and transactions management
    • Real-time Analytics
    • Data Feeding Infrastructure
    • User Management
    • Transaction Management
    • Referral Offers And Ad Modules
    • CMS & CRM


    White Label FoxyNFT Clone Script


    White label FoxyNFT Clone Script is for those entrepreneurs who wants to quickly launch their gaming platform, but doesn’t have enough time and / or sufficient funds to develop a tailor made solution. By making use of this white labeled FoxyNFT Clone Script, any entrepreneur can easily build a Global Fantasy NFT Game like Sorare.


    Our White Label FoxyNFT Clone Script is built with all the necessary features and we can also do the on-demand customizations in the features and UI of the platform as per your specific requirements.


    Why Gamesdapp to develop FoxyNFT Clone Script/Software?


    We provide FoxyNFT Clone Script/Software with variable benefits for our clients to enhance their business in multiple ways. Some of the benefits are below,


    • Additional Revenue Stream through Ad Modules
    • Zero Revenue Sharing
    • Ready-to-launch Platform
    • Instant User friendly Software To Compete In The Market
    • SEO Friendly Platform
    • Loyalty Programs And Additional Revenue Models
    • Engage Audiences from Different Locations
    • Multiple Device Compatibility(Android & iOS Compatible App)
    • Multilingual Assistance

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