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Betfury Clone Script - To Build i-Gaming Crypto Casino Game Platform like Betfury
Betfury Clone Script - To Build i-Gaming Crypto Casino Game Platform like Betfury
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Betfury Clone Script - To Build i-Gaming Crypto Casino Game Platform like Betfury

Betfury Clone Script

Betfury Clone Script is the Readymade Website script of an Social i-Gaming Crypto platform with the first BTC Dividends pool, based on Tron blockchain network. Betfury Game Clone not only provides a unique i-gaming experience for users but also profitable investment attractiveness! 

Gamesdapp as a Leading Blockchain Game Development Company offers i-gaming crypto game platform like Betfury built on TRON blockchain with a better performance and advanced security. Of all the blockchain options, Tron is the finest for game developers to start working on and is completely decentralized and no individual has the power to modify or alter data, and at the same time using smart contracts it is the most secure and trustable system.

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BetFury managed to grow out with the best gaming opportunities: BFG Staking, easy login. By Staking BFG tokens everyone can easily receive a part of the profit from the Dividends pool.  

They also provide in-house games such as Dice, Circle, Plinko, Auction, Crash and integrated Slots, Table Games and Live Casino from world-wide famous vendors. Provides the best design and esthetic satisfaction from using their platform which is absolutely secure and fair gaming process. 

In simple words, Our Betfury Clone Script assists you to launch your own,

-- First iGaming Tron Platform With Real Cashback 
-- Gaming trends presented on the TRON ecosystem!

Below are some of the advantages that approximately figure out them on the crypto gaming market and bring unique benefits than other i-games.


Why Betfury Game Clone than other i-gaming Platform?


- BetFury has some of its own unique features that qualitatively from other gaming platforms.  

- Dividend system with the first BTC pool in the i-Gaming industry

- Easy cashback system up to 25% for everyone

- Unique design and fast development

- Quick deposit/withdrawal of funds


Betfury Clone - Play and earn Oppurtunities




Gaming plays a major role. BetFury has a range of  1000+ great games for you: In-house, Slots, Table & Live games.




Betfury is the first crypto iGaming platform offering cashback feature.That is ; BetFury returns some of your lost coins back! This feature can be available for everyone using the platform.The platform offers cashback with the the rate ranging from 2% to 25% depending on your rank. You can Play, get coins back and increase your capabilities!

Your rank on the platform will get increases as you play. Example, a user with 20 BTC wagered in total receives a 10% cashback.




Another part of the feature offered by BetFury felt necessary to highlight was the jackpots. To encourage the most active players with big prizes, by hitting the jackpots in In-house games and Slots. Only playing will help you in getting the Jackpot no strategies will work here only luck is needed. Some of the games where the jackpot can be offered  are Dice, Plinko, Hi-lo, Circle and Crash.




Apart from games, BetFury will provides more chances to the users by coming up with campaigns and competitions with large prizes. 


BetFury Utility Token

Another significant feature of the website is its utility token -BFG which allows profit sharing and provide revenue-generating services for all Betfury BFG token holders. Betfury game token is a utility token based on TRC-20 smart contract that ensures the operating of the platform and a healthy gaming environment

This BFG token can be mined through playing in-house games and slots.BFG tokens will also be placed at the Auction for creating a chance to win TRX. 


BFG Ecosystem




As mentioned earlier Staking  of BFG tokens can make everyone to easily receive a part of the profit from the Dividends pool. This reward can be calculated and defined according to the number of BFG tokens kept.


Games & Auction


BFG can be available only for In-house games. You can make bids in the Auction using your BFG tokens to win cryptocurrencies.


Rank Benefit


Eventhough BetFury has a lot of unique features, mining more BFG tokens can helps to get increased cashback, bonuses and other benefits.


BFG Listing


For some instances, BFG tokens will acts as a liquid asset for traders who will be able to buy and sell tokens in addition to receiving dividends.


BetFury dividends


For your each and every bet on slots on BetFury, you’ll earn BFG tokens. BetFury distributes 3% of the total profit on the platform to those who hold BFG tokens whereas the rest is accumulated for the next day which ensures the stability of payments. The minimum amount of tokens required to start receiving dividends is 10 BFG. 


New Games Added to the Platform


BetFury has added a number of new in-house games, including Hi-Lo, Keno, Stairs, and Mines games. The games’ minimal bet is 0.1 TRX. The platform continued adding a range of new lottery games, and other games such as Scratchy Bit, Super Mask and more.

Here the TRX can be used on all titles, but the availability of other currencies like USDT, BTT, and BTC might range depending on the developer.  


How to start earning with Betfury Game Clone?


Step 1 - Register on
Step 2 - Confirm your email address
Step 3 - Log into your account 
Step 4 - Go to
Step 5 - Claim your free BTC


BetFury supported wallet - BetFury supports TronLink - the most popular TRON wallet available as a browser extension in the Chrome. Instead of having your own TRONLink wallet, you can create an account on BetFury and start using the platform with your account itself.


How to play on BetFury?


There are a lot of games on BetFury,If you want to take advantage of the dividends model You should play BetFury’s in-house games, slots, table games and live casino games. Hence table games and live games will dont have any mining feature.

To start playing, log in to your TronLink wallet and then go to BetFury. After logging in to the platform with your wallet, you can deposit TRX, USDT and BTT / BTC from your wallet. Once after depositing cryptocurrencies to your account, click "all games" to select the game and start playing.


How does it work?


If you are an investor  searching for a fun, but fair gaming experience, therby earning BTC for free then you will be happy with Betfury.

Here there are 3 Boxes, you can buy for BTC. Each one of them will generate you profits for 1 month.

Ruby Box: Price 0.001 BTC, Monthly Profit: 111%
Emerald Box: Price 0.01 BTC, Monthly Profit 109%
Sapphire Box: Price 0.05 BTC, Monthly Profit 110%



Benefits of Betfury Clone Script


* 1000+ games are available

* Up to 25% cashback

* Persistant referral program - i.e, You will receive 0.3% in TRX of all their winnings and 5% in BFG tokens from their mined tokens.

* Unique ranking system -  with daily rewards and bonus TRX for reaching certain ranks


How to develop an i-gaming platform like Betfury?


Are you planning to build your own i-game like Betfury?

- To develop an i-gaming crypto gaming platform on TRON, you should absolutely need a expert blockchain game development team.

- So, Hire a dedicated blockchain game developers and discuss your project requirements, brainstorm and review proposals. 

- Explain your major requirements like additional features/ characteristics & addons, or any other requirements that satisfies your users.

- The Blockchan expert team will take care of designing, coding, project management and all. 

- Finally delivers the application on your desired platform at a right time.


Where to build i-gaming crypto game like Betfury?


As mentioned above, to develop and launch your own social i-gaming platform like Betfury, You have to hire the best blockchain game developers. 

As a predominant Blockchain Game Development Company, we have a team of Blockchain Enthusiasts and Game Developers who will assist you to develop optimized and gamified Blockchain to run your game.We provide full-scale Betfury Clone game with custom option and cutting edge technology that transforms Your Dream Game Into A Reality


Why Gamesdapp?


- Quick & Easy Onboarding
- Agile & Adaptive Development
- Delivers cutting-edge solutions
- Quality Assurance
- 100% Transparency  
- Skilled Team  
- Flexible Models 


                  Ping us and share your requirments to our experts  

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