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    Blockchain technology creates a new dimension in gaming field which can be changed forever. In this technology world, digitally-derived dimension is governed by the laws of cryptocurrency and distributed computing. Blockchain video games are DApps that lead with the fundamentals that tokenized virtual items are owned by players and are treasured goods of value. Now, you have such games to explore this new dimension which gives a new gaming experience. Horizon blockchain games is one the example to give a better experience for gamers.


    Who is the horizon?

    Horizon blockchain games is a trending company who provide the space to play video games and also it begins a new dimension of gaming which belongs to its gamers and creators. Gamers can unlock the items and you can access the items in ethereum. The Toronto-based publisher, platform architect and developer believes it has a better way for all gamers to get the most out of their games, both for a for real-world value and a better experience.


    Horizon decided to use a new platform in the gaming field which is Arcadeum. Arcadeum is a kind of video game network and wallet in the blockchain. Skyweaver is the first game of Arcadeum. It a kind of trading game where the gamers can own their items if they win. In addition, Arcadeum wallet is a great place to implement in game and crypto wallet is to secured and it manages the game items and characters.


    You can play casually or else you can take in worldwide competition. Arcadeum is created on the Ethereum network and will give players with secure wallets to add their SkyWeaver assets from other blockchain games. Arcadeum also serves as a browser for gamers to enter the new Web and implement all Ethereum-based applications.


    How to play?

    Sky weaver each card are secured and which is registered by the ethereum network. At the same time, each cards ar unique and have real value on the cryptocurrency's ledger. Each card has a sperate value in ethereum as well as it has the same value in dollars. In sky weaver, where players have the true rights and privileges of ownership when you own a physical object like a motorbike. In SkyWeaver, you can put a fresh card in your deck and play against other gamers or sell it on the shop.


    If you are exchanging items in in your own store then it will be a peer to peer decentralized exchange. It will have a bond with ethereum wallet and it will access with Arcadeum platform. Gamers can able to trade the card, sell or gift them for cryptocurrency. In contract, players store their cards in a digital wallet for future use.


    Horizon has already found a great amount of funding from reputable investors. Investment has led by the venture capital firm Initialized Capital, that was started by Garry Tan and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. In addition, Horizon has received funding from the famous cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.


    Play to Earn

    Crypto games have a smart contract together with crypto-economic design, we can now give gamers the opportunity to participate in gaming experiences which generate and allot digital assets based on their outcome. We can build worlds in which completing quests, winning battles and defeating opponents award digital assets securely. Whether players keep the rewards, trade, or sell them for the cryptocurrency is entirely their choice.



    Horizon is focused on the games in cryptocurrency is to more accessible for gamers and also build an amazingly fun card game. Skyweaver is just the beginning. In Arcadeum platform allow the developers to build blockchain-based games and the gamers to own and earn cryptocurrencies. As a player, you can earn cryptocurrencies but as an owner, you can get a profit as much as high. Now, gamers are shown their interest to build their own game those who want to become an entrepreneur. Building a game like a horizon is much easier with the help of expertise decentralized game development company.


    Why us?

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