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    After cryptocurrencies, the DeFi tokens have been disrupting the whole crypto scene. Hence DeFi is growing by leaps and bounds with the potential to explode more than a billion USD in worth.


    One of the biggest beneficiary factor of this development will surely be blockchain gaming sector. With more than two billion gamers worldwide, gaming sector remains one of the most alluring industries today. Despite the pandemic’s debilitate effects on our economy, millions of people being restrained to their homes has drive through the gaming industry.


    what are DeFi tokens? 


    Defi tokens are the decentralized financial applications running on blockchains which represents the concepts successfully used in traditional banking and finance. DeFi tokens are currently shaking  up things in the markets. The main idea of this tokens is to encourage financial services in a decentralized manner.


    On the other hand, a token provides you the ability to safely transact your asset without any intervention of a third party like a bank or the government. This will also enables you to remove any sort of intermediary and connects the buyer and seller directly. Thus helps you to save lots of money that you have spend as the transaction fee. 


    Blockchain Game DEFI Tokens 


    DeFi offers gamers a novel method of earning through blockchain-based tokens and other rewards powered by an imposing armory of decentralized mechanics.


    DeFi tokens are being used increasingly and seems to be far better than cryptocurrencies . Let’s discuss some of the top blockchain game tokens that  have their role within the DeFi ecosystem allowing holders to earn, and how to create your own DeFi Token.


    Atari Token – ATRI


    Atari Token is fully decentralized cryptocurrency based on Ethereum’s ERC-20 compatibility standard. This means that it can be easily integrated with the actual infrastructure of Ethereum, such as online exchanges and wallets, allowing for entirely new use cases in the online game industry. Atari Token’s main target market is the entertainment industry.


    ATRI aims to create a decentralized, secure and permissionless means of transfer of value between individual players and game platforms.This token is to become a universal means of payment for the gaming industry, allowing developers and publishers new options for monetization of their products, integration of smart contracts, protection of in-game assets.


    Axie Infinity Shards – AXS


    The Axie Infinity Shards token is also an ERC-20 token which is the governance token for the Axie Infinity Universe. The adopt of the AXS token is to maintain the decentralized governance of the entire Axie Universe. Axie Infinity hopes to become the first truly decentralized game owned by the players. This can be made possible through the use of the Axie Infinity Shards token.


    This Axie Infinity Shards token possess two main functions. First, the tokens are there to reward users for interacting with the Axie Infinity platform, while at the same time encouraging users to hold on to the AXS tokens to claim further rewards. In the future, users will receive rewards by staking the AXS token , but only if they play the game and participate in governance activities also. 


    Decentraland Token – MANA 


    MANA is Decentraland’s native ERC20 token used to pay for goods and services in Decentraland. It is built on Ethereum in accordance with the ERC20 standard. MANA can be either bought and sold for fiat currency or any other digital currencies. It not only functions as a digital currency but also provides its holder with the voting power in the Decentraland DAO.


    Decentraland gives its users the opportunity to achieves an income by creating and selling items on the Decentraland marketplace for MANA tokens while participating in the growing virtual world. The MANA token currently gains from excellent liquidity and can be purchased, sold or traded on around 100 different exchange platforms. 


    ENJ token

    Enjin is an Ethereum-based token used to directly back the value of next-generation blockchain assets, aims to make it easy for individuals, businesses, and brands to use NFTs.


    ENJ is a store of value token that gets locked into non-fungible tokens when created by users within the Enjin gaming ecosystem. Those NFTs can be traded, swapped and integrated cross platform with the ability to create entirely new in-app economies, according to the company.


    GALA token


    GALA claims to be created to power the Gala Games ecosystem to support gaming re-imagined to serve creators and players, alike. Founded by experts from the gaming and blockchain industry, Gala Games wants to reconsider the world of gaming. Gala Games is new to the industry and it is still to be seen what they can produce. Their competing farming simulator allows players to earn GALA, while players can spend the token on NFTs for the existing game and upcoming titles. The performance of the token in its inception would indicate a strong community with many expecting big things. Some of the top exchanges for trading in Gala token are  DigiFinex, Uniswap, and Bitrue, etc.


    SAND token

    SAND is the ERC-20 utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain used throughout the Sandbox ecosystem as the basis of transactions and interactions. 


    This versatile Ethereum token allows users to access the game platform, buy and sell assets, partake in governance, staking and liquidity mining for passive income, and much more! 

    SLP token


    Small Love Potion tokens are ERC-20 tokens built on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, and they can be used to breed new digital pets, known as Axies. These Tokens can be used to represent almost anything, from deeds, titles, and stocks to video game items, collectibles, and even votes.


    SLP tokens are exceptionally easy to issue, send, receive, and manipulate using Bitcoin script, making them the perfect platform for any token project. The tokens are earned by playing the battle or adventure mode of the Axie Infinity game. This digital asset serves as a reward for winning battles. The cost of breeding begins at 100 SLP but increases gradually — rising to 200 SLP for the second breed, 300 for the third, 500 for the fourth, 800 for the fifth, and 1,300 for the sixth. Therefore trading SLP has been an easy way for Axie breeders to acquire their much-needed SLP tokens. This in turn made Axie Infinity an excellent example of a game with a play-to-earn business model. 


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    MEGA Token 


    MegaCryptoPolis is a decentralized city builder game running on Ethereum blockchain that you can play in any browser or on a mobile device. In order to play MegaCryptoPolis, you are required to have an Ethereum digital wallet like MetaMask, Trust, or Coinbase Wallet that allows you to securely store all your game assets and will also act as your login to the game. Another option would be a Tron-powered wallet, like Tron Link. MegaCryptoPolis taps into the Ethereum, Tron, and Polygon blockchains. The MEGA token is central to the entire economy.The MEGA token can be received by locking resources in the vault inside the MegaCryptoPolis game.


    Crazy Defense Heroes – TOWER


    The TOWER token is a ERC-20 fungible utility token for the Crazy Kings game franchise. The tokens goal is to build a system that attempts to maintain balance and equitability in traditional Free-to-Play games while introducing several attractive benefits of blockchain, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), and governance.


    Holders of TOWER will use it to purchase items such as game card NFTs, pay for game or tournament entry fees, and participate in the governance of the games.Players can stake their TOWER tokens for financial rewards, or use them to acquire more powers in the game. These powers are NFTs, and players can also trade amongst each other. 


    Decentral Games – DG Token


    DG is the native token of DeGate with a total supply of 1 Billion, 100% owned by Home DAO initially. DG is the protocol of the community, by the community and for the community. DeGate stands by a fair launch process of the DG token, meaning that there is no private sale and no one gets free DG tokens.


    In order to follow the principle of fair token distribution, the founding team purchased a total of 19.8% of DG tokens from Home DAO at a price of $0.005 to complete the initial financing of Home DAO. Home DAO also put initial liquidity on Uniswap for the first time at the same initial price of $0.005.


    Decentral Games is a community-owned metaverse casino ecosystem powered by the $DG token. Players earn $DG for playing games, LPs earn $DG for providing liquidity, and active governors earn $DG by allocating house profits. The two tokens that can be used to play the games are $MANA and $DAI.


    Animoca Brands – REVV Token


    REVV is the ERC-20 fungible utility token that serves as the primary currency of purchase, and the main utility of this token is its use with branded motorsport games created by Animoca Brands; a leader in the field of digital entertainment. REVV token acts both as a utility token as well as the in-game currency of the motorsports games produced by Animoca brands. 


    REVV token is designed to enable true digital ownership of game assets, giving players freedom and control over their non-fungible token (NFT) in-game items.  A fungible token is an asset that is interchangeable with any other token of the same type, hence one REVV token always has the same value and properties as any other REVV token.


    Hence the above  listed blockchain game defi tokens are ruling the gaming industry with their tremendous leverages.


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