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How to play DApp games? A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Jul 10 , 2019 at 11:50 AM |
Updated Mar 11 , 2020 at 10:15 AM |
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Blockchain games create a revolution in the gaming industry. Ethereum, EOS and Tron are the active platforms to build blockchain dapp games while comparing with other platforms. It allows the gamers to earn money via playing video games able to own the assets like items, character and so on. Access those assets in various blockchain games lets see how Mets mask is using in dapp games.


What is meta mask


Meta mask is a browser extension and its acts as a bridge between users and their wallet. You can able to install the metamask add-on in firefox, chrome, opera and so on. MetaMask manages your Ethereum wallet, which consists your amount, and allows you to receive and Ethers through a dApp of interest.


How to step-up and use meta mask


 After installing the metal mask, you can see the fox face on the right top of the browser.

 Click the icon to accept the terms and condition.

 Now you have to create a new ethereum account to receive and send ether in dapp games.

 Create a password for your account to start the metamask

 Now, you have your own ETH account

 You can able to see the list of networks and you can also choose ropsten test network to get dummy ether to test demo games.

 After creating your account, you can see 12 words which are used to retrieve your account when you forget your password.



Now your wallet is created.you can see the main network which is used for real ethers or you can also use Ropsten test network to access dapps


Faucet metamask site used to get a free Ether to use Ropsten test network. After clicking the request your requested ether automatically deposit in your account. Now, you can use that free Ether to play for any dapps.  




Steps to play dapp games


Different types of games have various functionality and a different way to the bit. Now, I explain how to play a snake and ladder game in dapps which is build by games app. After installing meta mask, kit to play.

 Choose your avatar and select your turn as first.

 Because of metamask, it automatically fetches your account address and ether   balance.

 Now, you fix the bit amount and click to start.

 You and the computer have an alternative chance to play.

 Finally, if you win you can collect your ether or else you lose your ether.



Way to build dapp game


Its a great time creating your dapps gams on your own. Choose the deserve blockchain dapp game development company like Gamesdapp to build your own dapps. Gamesdapp is the top-notch dapp game development company who create dapp games with unique features and ready to satisfy the gamers requirements. Our blockchain experts build your dapp games with the latest blockchain platforms like eth, Eos, Tron and so on. It's a tremendous opportunity to create dapp games at an affordable price. Reach us to know more about blockchain dapp games.


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