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Cryptoforexmarkets  is a state-of-the-art Crypto trading and investment platform enabling transactions in the cheapest, fastest, and easiest way. CFX will reshape the standards of the trading world as it offers transparency, profitability, and liquidity.


In simple, Cryptoforexmarkets  is the integration of the benefits of Forex and Cryptocurrency which will open doors to all traders of various types and it doesn't rely on third-party trading systems.


CFX Markets 


1. It one of the best Forex brokers on the market, for traders all around the world. 
2. Its offers access to CFD trading, commodity trading and indices trading with Forex trading conditions.

Cryptoforexmarkets Clone Development

Cryptoforexmarkets Clone is the website clone that helps you to launch your own crypto trading and investment platform exactly same as This CFXmarkets website clone comes with all the  complete features  and functions of, provides extreme Return on Investment.


Gamesdapp offers Cryptoforexmarkets website clone to launch your own Forex Trading platform, where forex and cryptocurrency coming together for the first time to streamlines the exchange from one digital currency to another digital currency in an instant manner. 


Features Of cryptoforexmarkets:


Instant Withdrawal

Every withdrawal requests will be processed instantly to your eCurrency account. You can make as many request as you want.



Cryptoforex has 2 different nature of both forex and cryptocurrency fused into one, which is completely flexible.



Blockchain is the principal technology for the origin of CryptoForex token in which all transactions are transparent in the Ethereum Blockchain network.



DDOS Protection – EV SSL, CloudFlare.



CryptoForex is an ERC-20 token which makes it versatile to almost every cryptocurrency wallet.



Cryptoforex tokens are developed under Ethereum Blockchain network to make the transactions more efficient and trustworthy 


Referral Commission : 3 Levels: 3% – 5% – 12%


Increased volume

CryptoForex covers almost all types of traders from Forex to Cryptocurrency, thus increasing its trading volumes.



The major fact is that the majority of the exchange's customers come from referrals from other customers.


Anytime Trading

CryptoForex trading platform is open 24 hours. You can Trade whenever and wherever you want with time limit.

How to Start?



• Enter your personal details, username, password, and referral code


Deposit/Add Equity

• Deposit/Add Equity to your account using among these four cryptocurrencies: CFX, BTC, Tether, or ETH



• You can start earning profits and rewards with every equity you added and for each and every referral.


How does the exchange occur?


Exchanging from one digital currency to another is easy & instant with Cryptoforex.


(1) select the exchange direction

(2) enter the amount you want to change

(3) click the 'Exchange' button. It's really that simple! 


Why choose Forex Trading with CFX Markets?


CFX Markets provides reliable Forex trading options to make the traders of all skill levels to have an oppurtunity to earn more. This is possible due to:


- No fees on deposits and withdrawals

-  Secure wallet

- No swaps

- No slippage

- No delays


Faster Transactions


Processing of transactions is very much importance whenever a trader is buying/selling. Transactions that are processed in a swift restricts slippage. CFX Markets makes the transaction processing time to be faster than ever with implementation of more advanced technologies.


Negative Balance Protection


When the value of assets drops drastically in the market or whenever the account balance gets to become negative, CFX Markets compensates the account balance to zero.



How does the investment plan works?


Open free account

To sign up for a free account >> click the register button and fill out the corresponding form.


Make a deposit

Have a look at the investment plans and choose the one which fits your bugdet and profit which you want to have.


Watch your profit grow

Watch your earnings  growth according to the earning schedule of the plan that you have choosed to made deposit into.


Instant payout

The payout service is available to everyone out there, once the payment request is initiated; withdrawal will pay instantly


Investment Plans 


Plan A : 0.45% Hourly for 96 hours; Total Profit: 143.2% ; Minimum Deposit: $10.00 ; Maximum Deposit: 800

Plan B : 0.9% Hourly for 72 hours; Total Profit: 164.8%; Minimum Deposit: 801$; Maximum Deposit: 2000

Plan C : 1.5% Hourly for 48 hours; Total Profit: 172%; Minimum Deposit: 2001; Maximum Deposit: 5000

Plan D : 164% after 36 hours; Minimum Deposit: $5001; Maximum Deposit: 10000

Plan VIP : 172% after 24 hours; Minimum Deposit: $10001; Maximum Deposit: NO max


How to Start a Forex Trading platform like Cryptoforex markets?


You can easily start your forex trading platform with Cryptoforexmarkets website Clone!!


Gamesdapp as a prominant Blockchain Game Development Company offers CFX markets website clone that makes you to start your trading platform to sucessfully launched within 3-4 business days. This readymade website clone provides the most secure and profitable Forex trading platform with full transparency thereby allowing tamper-proof fraudless transactions.

Our Cryptoforexmarkets clone package comes with either Cryptoforexmarkets Clone Website  or Cryptoforexmarkets clone app for mobile or desktop.


CFX Markets Mobile App comprises of 


- Real-time quotes of Forex market
- Live trade orders, including pending orders
- All types of trade execution
- Real-time Forex charts , etc,.


CFX Markets Desktop App comprises of 


- Powerful trading system with 8 order types
- Unlimited number of charts and analytical tools
- Algorithmic trading and Expert Advisors 
- MetaTrader Market where you can buy indicators and tradingbots
- News and alerts informing about the important market events


Why Gamesdapp for CryptoForex Trading Platform Development?


Provides complete white label solutions
Best Admin & User dashboard facilities
DDoS Protection Guard
Build with advanced latest technology
Plugins & API integration options available
Rapid Website launch within 3-4 days
Professional Management Team
24/7 Hours Online Support



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