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    What is Binary Option ?

    A binary option is an economic product where the user collect loses or payout. There is two kinds of binary options are asset-or-nothing binary option and cash-or-nothing option. Binary options "are based on a 'yes' or 'no' proposition. If a customer trust the price of an underlying asset will increase a certain price at a set time, the trader buys the binary option, but if he or she trust it will decrease that price, they sell the option.


    How to play


    Login with meta mask

    connect to mainnet network

    deposit eth to this address

    predict BTC-USD price in next 5 minutes

    click call or put to play


    What is Band Protocol?

    Band protocol is an open blockchain protocol to build token -curated communities with its own personalized tokens. We make it clear for developers, brands, companies, celebrities to issue a personalised Community Token used to curate data in their specific community. These Community Tokens, gave via continuous bonding curve, are utilized as an economic incentive for curators to generate good, reliable set of information within the community.



    Trading in binary option

    The player can bit the ether-based on BTC USD. Here, order size is multiple by the payout which is given by the owner. Then, it automatically converts the fee and total based on the bit amount.  The player can able to predict the amount which is going to increase or decrease that is named as call or put . Call is the name for predicting the BTC - USD will increase and put is the name for predicting the BTC - USD will decrease.After the rest of the time, the user can get the ether as double if their prediction is correct. But they lost the amount ether if their prediction is wrong. This trading is based on binary option with dapps.


    Creating these trading sites in decentralized is to protect user-information more secured and have a transparent transaction. It is too hard to theft the user information or their wallet details.



    There is a whole host of interesting benefits to trading with binary options. The greatest advantages have been mentioned below.


    Simplicity – Because you are making an assurance on only one factor, direction, your bet is forthright. The price can only move up or down. You also don’t need to worry yourself with when the trade will end up, the expiry time takes care of that. Whereas in other markets, you may need a system to control your losses, such as a stop-loss.


    Trade control – Because you know that what you may gain or lose before you enter the trade, you have control from the start. Trade-in stocks, for example, and you have no guarantee which your trade will make the entry price.


    Profit potential – Compared to another trading, the entry in binaries are extremely attractive. Some brokerages assurance payouts of up to 90% on a single trade. If you’re looking to participate in simple trades with large profit potential, binaries can well be worth a look in.


    Choice – Instead than being compelled to a specific market, e.g. cryptocurrency or stocks, binary alternatives gift traders the chance to trade instruments across virtually all markets, permitting you to start currency, indices, and bonds trading that you so wish.


    Accessibility – In the binary options game, it’s consistently the best trading hours somewhere on the globe. So, you can login around evening time, or on the weekends and join the groups of enthusiastic brokers endeavouring to turn daily profits. Real-time charts are accessible for every market so if you’ve got the time you can contribute 24 hours a day.


    Why gamesdapp


    Gamesdapp is the top-notch decentralized game development company. We have a powerful expert to build your trading sites with innovative ideas. We create custom binary options trading platforms including front/back end, portfolio management, market analysis, real-time charts/reporting, broker integrations and automation. We consistently integrate with Foreign Exchange (forex) to enable access to different investment types. Reach us to build your own binary option trading platform.




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