Build Blockchain-Powered Gaming Entertainment Ecosystem like PlayDApp

    The adoption of gaming has increased around the world as there is an increase in indoor activities due to prolonged outbreak of the new corona virus. Usually the game developers and distributors are used to be the main ones to get benefited from game sales in the past. But now the games users can get benefitted too.


    Hence the gaming industry keeps evolving, with blockchain being a powerful trigger of change. While this blockchain technology acts as a heart of bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies,  thereby transform not only the world of trading. Thus gaming industry is one of the major areas where blockchain can ensure real changes and beneficial innovations.


    PlayDApp is the  Blockchain-Powered Gaming Entertainment Ecosystem where you can buy and sell NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) game items and other blockchain-based digital assets in a easy manner. 


    PlayDAPP - An Overview


    PlayDApp is a blockchain based gaming platform with a focus on rewarding & supporting developers and players. PlayDapp provides a portfolio of game content that you can enjoy with your Non-Fungible Tokens. You can also do trade in the C2C marketplace in addition to increasing the value of the NFT by leveling up, strengthening, and amalgamating them. This blockchain game service platform PlayDapp is completely focused on serving Dapps (Decentralized Applications) games that utilize a blockchain public database system that supports free item use and transactions within games. Also, PlayDapp will add the appliance of various services like open trade of items between players (C2C Market Place), Rankings and PVP Tournament that will be rolled out in stages.


    PlayDApp also provides solutions to play games without cryptocurrency. Thereby the platform offers various games which include 'CryptoDozer' - a coin pusher game; 'DozerBird' - a running game; and 'Dozer Treasures'- an AR-based game. It also provides PlayDapp software development kit to convert any game into the blockchain-based game.


    PlayDapp has a vision to create a digital world where crypto assets are more valuable and accessible to everyone. You will not only be able to take true ownership of their in-game assets for the first time but also can earn rewards for ecosystem participation. The main aim of PlayDApp is to bring non - crypto users into blockchain game users through the playdapp service platform. PlayDapp will provide various blockchain network and game dApps to allow more users to play games on the service platform and to become crypto game users.


    1. To secure 100% ownership of game assets and data and financial compensation model for game enthusiasts.


    2. To open the decentralized e-Sports device enabling user-centric competitions & rewarding users for activities on the ecosystem and performance on dApp games.


    3. To innovate user acquisition channel + easy blockchain integration tools for game dApp developers.


    PlayDApp Token - PLA


    The native token of PlayDapp is PLA, which is the core utility token utilizing the ERC20 Standard. It is an Ethereum based ERC20 token that represents a universal system for payments and rewards on the platform. PLA tokens can be used for placing bets, wagering, and gaming. PLA acts as a primary non fungible token for processing the transactions from the users. The operators or developers will receive PLA tokens for each in-game purchase or trade, hence a  fairly small transaction fee is deducted by PlayDapp.


    Available Games in PlayDapp


    CryptoDozer, the 1st Game dApp by PlayDapp


    CryptoDozer is a coin & doll collecting game powered by the blockchain, inspired by coin pusher arcade games. Line up your coins to push DozerDolls into your collection. Combine them to make NFT Fancy Dolls for cross game fun. Use special items like Walls, Giant Coins and XP Boost and the powerful Bull Dozer to rank up faster and collect rarer Dolls.These NFT dolls can also be sold to other players via a C2C marketplace.




    DozerBird is a blockchain skill game, testing your tapping & timing! Control collectible Cute CryptoDolls, each with different skills and abilities. Fly through obstacles to collect Key fragments to use in Master powerups: BOOST, SHIELD & PREDICT to maximize your collecting and earn real crypto.


    Key Features of PlayDApp


    The primary goal of PlayDapp is to create truely decentralized blockchain entertainment ecosystem,


    1) Progressive approach to full decentralization


    2) Secure Transactions (both financial and data wise)


    Transactions under smart contract or under digital asset transfer solutions, or under any
    circumstances regardless of amount, critical level or financial value, are committed and
    processed safely with excellent robustness in security.


    3) Low latency


    PlayDapp provides low latency for transaction confirmations.


    4) High performance


    PlayDapp provides a high performance system to support stability and scalability for
    gaming dApps processing large numbers of user transactions.


    5) Ease of use


    PlayDapp aims to provide an easy and accessible platform for any level of users, from individual gamers to game dApp developers.


    How to build an DApp Game platform like PlayDApp?


    To develop and launch your own DApp Gaming platform like PlayDApp, You have to hire the best blockchain game developers. 


    We - Gamesdapp offers DApp Game Development Services to build  decentralized crypto game platform like PlayDApp, built on blockchain with a better performance and advanced security. Our extraordinary blockchain developers build a DApp game with unique features in the latest blockchain platforms. Ping us to get clarification when you need.


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