The Role of Crypto Currencies in the Crypto Game

    The worldwide gambling market is affluent and the outlook positive because of many factors, including an easing of government rules in some countries, the potential to set up tax revenue and contribute to national economies, and the wider reach of online gambling. Global revenue from gambling is expected to reach $635 billion by 2022.


    The rise of online gambling also make opportunities to use emerging technologies to build revolutionary solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges. Although today the use of cryptocurrencies is a small portion of the online gambling market, the use of the blockchain to manage transactions could solve issues with security, fairness, security, transparency and privacy.


    Already, online gaming with cryptocurrencies is a global market with a cap of around $35 billion and 10% growth p.a. In 2016, the total amount of bets on cryptocurrency casinos cross 1.5 million BTC and now there are hundreds of online casinos.


    Blockchain Games


    Gaming is the most promising industry today. Generating income by participating in a video game is an increasingly apparent reality that is gaining more importance in the world as demonstrated by esports tournaments, one of the most promising industries today.


    But not all games which involve competition amount to levels as professional as the players in the esport, as these are games carried out by entertainment such as hobbies by gamers. In a video game industry, crypto games take the top position, games are developed based on Blockchain, and have a direct relationship with tokens or cryptocurrencies.


    Gaming platforms

    At present, there are many cryptocurrencies games with which participants have the possibility of operating with crypto for the acquisition of skills, improvement of objects, characters and even receive profits for participation in a game. Because these crypto games usually work on the blockchain of some pertinent cryptocurrency, they allow the use of the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain in that they operate for transactions within the game.


    In 2017, ethreum based cryptocurrencies game crypto kitties were released which have great popularity. This collective game is more fun-filled and how effective is to create on the blockchain for profit in a game. In addition to that, sellers who they accepted the cryptocurrency in exchange, they access a digital asset whose value increased in the market and defined a considerable profit. If a member owns coveted items in a game, being able to sell them leads him to be more famous among the other players


    Games which provide real winnings


    Video games build based on blockchain technology with the use of cryptocurrencies within a game since its characteristics permit it to link digital assets which can be changed to real money, such as Ether or Bitcoin, that has an impact on profits out of the game.


    The gamer's dream should be playing the fun-filled game and earn money in the games. Crypto currency games definitely give a real opportunity to increase their profits by playing.


    Ultimately blockchain opens a world of possibilities for the creation of new games in that it is possible not only to obtain advantages within a gaming platform but also in real life, with the access of cryptocurrencies which can be used in the real world, in a real win for playing.


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