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    Blockchain has given virtual economies including game economies -new options. Things are different with blockchain gaming. Unlike regular games, blockchain games are decentralized. Blockchain game assets are distributed among players rather than being stored on a centrally managed server. These assets are valuable and they are built on blockchain technology.


    Cryptocurrencies and NFT are the most common blockchain aspects in these games. Crypto-currencies are utilized for in-platform payments in blockchain games. Players hold in-game assets that they can trade for bitcoin and real-world cash. 


    Crazy Defense Heroes Clone Script

    Crazy Defense Heroes clone script is an NFT Gaming Script is a traditional  P2E tower defense mobile game used to launch gaming platforms like Crazy Defense Heroes.


    We are the GamesdApp helps entrepreneurs construct an NFT Gaming marketplace that serves as a concatenation for producers, collectors, and gamers to purchase, sell, and create NFTs. We can custom Crazy Defense Heroes on any blockchain network, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and others.


    What is the Tower coin?


    TOWER is the native utility token used in the Crazy Defense Heroes game that serves as the foundation for all transactions and interactions in the ecosystem. It is based on the ethereum network and according to CoinMarketCap, it is presently worth $0.03243.


    Players utilize TOWER in three aspects :


    Purchase NFTs: TOWER is used to purchase NFT properties inside the Crazy King Franchise.

    Event entry: TOWER players to participate in unique events and game styles such as competitions.

    Governance: TOWER holders can take part in the Crazy King franchise's governance by presenting recommendations for the game's direction and voting for them.


    How do you play a crazy defense hero?


    With millions of downloads, Crazy Defense Heroes is a play-to-earn tower defense mobile game. Players can create their own defense strategy using a diverse array of towers, spells, equipment cards, and heroes.

    Customize your tower defense strategy by selecting from a variety of tower types and battlegrounds such as forests, wastelands, and mountains. Collect over 400 distinct cards to improve your chances of winning.

    Each level is usually completed in a few minutes, but it will become increasingly difficult as time goes on. Make sure you choose the proper cards and alter your strategy to enhance your chances of winning.

    As you progress through the stages, you will get greater stuff and unlock rarer cards with varied abilities. The several types of cards are support heroes, quick weapons, battle towers, and primary avatars. 


    How do you earn crazy kings?


    Because Crazy Defense Heroes is not yet a full-fledged blockchain game, the P2P functionalities are still limited. Exclusive monthly events, such as the "Daily Star Chest" event, allow players to obtain TOWER tokens for their gaming endeavors.

    Here is how you can earn TOWER from this special monthly event.

    Download Crazy Defense Heroes, and Ensure and bind your CDH User ID with your preferred login method.

    Connect your  CDH user ID  to your MetaMask Wallet via the TOWER token site
    Earn 16 stars from daily battles for claiming "star chest".

    Open your "star chest" and complete a calendar check-in on the TOWER token website within the same day.

    Finish this process daily to earn tower tokens. 

    Aside from the daily battles and calendar check-in, you will also need to meet the following aspects:

    Gain a minimum of 315, 000 avatar experience points (XP) in Crazy Defense Heroes at the end of every month.


    Each qualified participant will receive a share of a total prize pool of TOWER Tokens, which may fluctuate from month to month. In February 2022, for example, 1.2 million TOWER tokens were distributed.

    The amount of TOWER you get is determined by the number of players that meet the monthly XP requirements. Within two weeks of the month's conclusion, this prize will be airdropped to your MetaMask wallet.


    The benefit of Launching NFT Games like Crazy Defense Heroes

    The benefits of launching Crazy Defense Heroes are as follows, 

    TOWER tokens can be earned for free at monthly cumulative reward events.

    With over 1,000 levels, the game mechanics are well-structured.

    Each Game card is an NFT ERC20 token with varying levels of power and rarity as well as the ability to be upgraded for long-term progression.


    Where can you get the Crazy Defense Heroes Clone Script?

    Gamesdapp is an NFT Game Development Company that offers the Crazy Defense Heroes Clone Script to help entrepreneurs who want to adopt the business model of Crazy Defense Heroes.


    In Crazy kings, cards are the essential gameplay components. Each represents defensive construction, heroes, special spells, and equipment that are carefully employed to keep hordes of enemies from approaching your fortress. 

    For the time being, you can only purchase and sell crazy defense heroes NFTs on OpenSea a secondary NFT trading marketplace. A Crazy Defense Heroes Card currently has a floor price of 0.49ETH.

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