Surprising Facts About the Gaming Industry

    Video game engagement rapidly increases that could mean big revenue for investors. In worldwide totally 100 million gamers are there in 1995. Now, it reached 2.6 billion. Gaming industry creates a benchmark for a lucrative business. Gamers in the world spend around $151 billion in this year. Whereas the investors used to be a hit-driven business tied with the gaming industry. They realized that this gaming business is more valuable earing stream.


    Online gaming includes mobile gaming, social gaming, as well as pay-to-play and free-to-play with multiplayer gaming. In 2020, online gaming expected to grow over 57 million. Social gaming is hardly bound with mobile gaming, social games apps are developed for android devices and iOS.


    What platforms are games being developed for?


    smartphones and Tablet Devices (38 percent)

    Xbox One Consoles 28 (percent)

    PS4 Consoles (31 percent)

    PC computers (66 percent)

    Mac Computers (20 percent)

    Web Browers (13 percent)

    Nintendo Switch(18 percent )

    VR Headsets (17 percent)



    Country wise gaming differences


    Based on the gaming revenue we aren't in the top creator of game revenue. China is in the first place to earn revenue in the gaming market. They are heavily focused on mobile revenues and microtransactions. In 2016, mobile games are more responsible for all digital gaming revenue and the gaming trends are only raise form there.


    The gaming market grows up to 15 per cent each year. The main thing is to compare with other countries the cost of gaming is overpriced than in western countries outside us. So, European countries do not have a strong gaming culture


    The rise of mobile gaming

    In 2018, the gaming industry earned $70.3 billion of revenue in mobile gaming. They suspect it will generate 30 per cent extra in 2021 because everyone has a smartphone and more advanced smartphones. While tablet games make up $70.3 billion in 2018, smartphone gaming earned 56 billion. Mobile gaming grew 30 per cent in 2019 compared to the previous year.


    Esports revenue


    Numbers are purported to hit $1.8 billion by 2022. Predictions site wildly various numbers about this one, though. The best-case scenario is they will be up to $3.3 billion. Also, if things don’t go as planned, they might drop to the more humble $1.2 billion.


    It’s prominent to mention there is money flowing towards the esports industry from sponsorships, media rights and advertising. We’re talking about huge brand investments. Alright, now which we’ve had our fun here, time to take a trip to the PC gaming market world.




    Who is playing


    When it comes to online games, generally everyone is going crazy. Over 65% of the general population are gamers in the US. The average age of female games are 37 years and old male gamers are around 33 years old. Also, male gamers often play for destruction and competition, whereas female players are motivated to play for fantasy and designs. This means which for war and fight games will be filled with guys, whereas designing, role-playing, and fashion will be filled with girls.


    Popular games


    There are various games out there, and a lot of them are quite famous. In 2018, the most famous PC game in the world is the League of Legends. In China, PUBG is the favourite with over 53% of gamers visiting the website. In 2018, over 6.35 million have played World of Warcraft. The Texas Hold ‘Em poker online video game has experienced a massive 65.35 million of players. Modern warfare has predicted around 24.37 fan base. The Mario and Legend of Zelda were ranked as the best game in 2017.



    The gaming industry has created a major trend. Statistics have shown that every year, more and more people are subscribing, purchasing, and playing games. Shortly, it has been assessed which the gaming business will experience exponential growth. This is mainly because of the advancement in technology and computer system can make more realistic virtual fantasy for people to escape daily life and enter a world of challenge and energy. Generally, the gaming business will eventually get to the point where the statistics will go over 90%, and it might, at last, become a billion-dollar industry. Did you have any quires to build the game. Ping us to get in depth details. We have a sufficient team to build your own games.



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