Meta Ape Clone Script - To Launch Win-To-Earn MMO Strategy Game For Smart Phones

    Blockchain Gaming Industry


    Blockchain games also known as NFT games or Crypto games are video games with features that employ blockchain technology based on cryptography. The functionalities of Blockchain are typically implemented in various types of games to provide cryptocurrencies also known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). With NFTs, players can buy, sell, trade, and give their game owner a share for every transaction carried away as a  way of earning income.

    Games that use blockchain technologies are called play-to-earn or play-to-win games by which players and users can earn enough money to cover a living. Blockchain games allow players to trade their in-game collectibles and tokens in exchange for cryptocurrency. This can further be exchanged for cash, which could solve the gray market issues due to the blockchain's transparency.

    Meta Apes- A Rudimentary.


    Meta Apes is a free-to-play and play-to-earn Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game designed for mobile which is the first game to launch on BNB Applications Sidechain (BAS). Meta Apes aims to furnish a merriment gaming experience, equivalent to other prevalent mobile games like Age of Apes. Meta Apes is set in a post-apocalyptic world, in which humankind came to extinction and a new era headed by Apes has been initiated. Next on the agenda is space supremacy where every player should work closely with their gang to transform into the strongest Clan to succeed in the ultimate race to space. Meta Apes is available and open to users on both Google Play (Android) & App Store (iOS).


    Meta Apes Clone Script


    Meta Apes Clone Script is used to develop games similar to Meta Ape using this script you can launch gaming space, such as P2E and F2P MMO strategy games that attract more users towards it due to their transparency, and freedom of ownership with enhanced gaming experience.


    How Does Meta Apes Function?


    Meta Apes game can be downloaded for free from the games section in Google Play or App Store. This is purely a Free To Play (F2P) & Play To Earn (P2E) by which users can earn fiat currencies. Meta Apes works in the following way,


    Download Meta Apes from Google Play or App Store


    Link your Google Play or Facebook account in Meta Apes(Optional).


    Create a wallet (eg., MetaMask)


    Click on your profile and the “NFT” icon in the game

    Follow the prompts to finish the wallet binding

    Purchase an NFT fighter if interested as it has unique advantages and utilities, follow the instructions on the "NFT" page.

    Enjoy the gameplay and be the first in the space race.


    MetaApes- A Revenue-Generating Game


    Meta Apes Clone game is a unique collection of next-gen apes. Businesses should adopt this to bring a rise in their revenue. This game not only benefits owners but also gamers, by playing three different levels of rarity like Rare, Epic, and Meta. Meta Apes is built with governance and a native token named SPEEL. Gamers can make use of cosmetic benefits like special effects such as a halo, lighting, and user ID. Meta Apes can evolve as a next-generation blockchain game that allows traditional gamers to earn and own their in-game asset.

    Many are opting for Meta Apes games due to their flexibility and scalability. Scalability has always been an issue in the gaming space but Meta Apes rectified those issues and assured by providing its users, gamers, developers, and the binance ecosystem with a new framework. Gamers can experience a new world of Apes who strive to rule space by conducting a space run after completing various battles, mini-battles, challenges, and treasure hunts.


    Features Of MetaApes Clone

    This gameplay has many unique features. These features make Meta Apes a one-of-a-kind MMO strategy game.


    Real-time strategy 

    No restraints and Apes can freely march and move in the game environment that is completely free from the restrictions of the road. In Meta Apes, gamers can send their troops wherever they wish and can station them there. Many commanders dream of lurking their army on their enemy's flank waiting for an opportunity to deliver a lethal blow at any time. Here many rules are not imposed during war thereby which they start to abandon the road and move freely. This provides flexibility and operability where you can change the tactics at any time. 


    Creative Gang Gameplay

    Gangs are formed not just for chatting among themselves but to experience ingenious gameplay with like-minded comrades in the army. Here gamers can gather and form groups to fight against bosses and capture various strategic facilities like gang materials and technologies in order to enhance their combat power.

    The General and Deputy General


    When the main warrior("General") is boosted to 3 stars, the pairing system will be triggered, where 2 heroes can lead a unit to fight on the battlefield. This not only gives you more troops but also deeply enhances the depth of strategy- to choose a strong alliance to create an attacking team that is unbeatable or create a battalion-resistance force or begin a rock-like force to solve the shortcomings. The General and deputy general system fetches more choices and variables to the battles that reduce collision between numerical values.

    Large Map with Infinite Zoom

    We can adjust, move and zoom from the city to the whole world in less than a second. Gamers can easily swipe around, explore the place desired, and with this will never miss the boat or key information. With a swipe of your finger, you can feel that the world is within your control.

    Friendly Mission System


    Mostly, newbie players will experience a loss in traditional GVG SLG where the overflow of information can panic the players resulting in an unclear understanding objective of the game and goals. Meta Apes is a comprehensive & easy-to-follow guide for players in the form of task chapters and informs about the important stages. Skilled players can use these guides for leading-edge gameplay.


    Gamesdapp provides ready-made Meta apes clone script solutions using this clone you can create a unique gaming platform like meta apes and lift the revenue of your business as the hunt for massively multiplayer online(MMO) gaming is revolutionizing the commercial enterprise.

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