Axie Infinity Case Study

Axie Infinity presents a novel concept and a remarkable gaming experience, hence creating a DApp Website solution like Axie Infinity will bring gaming to the crypto realm with a mission to drive the mass adoption of blockchain technology

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Axie Infinity Clone Solution is aDApp Website Solution that allows you to launch your ownNFT Gaming Platform like Axie Infinity which is a digital trading game platformbuilt on Ethereum blockchain where players can breed,raise, battle, and trade adorable digital monsters called Axies

Our Solution and packages

In General, Axie infinity Clone solution we deliver covers three different businessmodules. Any entrepreneurs who are interested in launching their ownNFT game should have a good understanding about the below three businessmodels.

Phase 1:the Nft Marketplace

In this phase, the development covers Rarity/Genesis game art designing and Marketplace. Rarity/Genesis Game art is the epicenter of the game. This decides the character which is going to be used on the game floor. Unlike auction based NFT Marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible, TheNFT here is sold directly among the user base.

There will be no specific fee to purchaseNFTs because themarketplace itselfis a complete revenue builder. The admin will set value for each rarity based on their role in the game and users can purchase by payingNFT value and gas fee.

These NFTs can be traded in third partyNFT marketplaces as themetadata /metaverse of the NFTs are inter related in chain.

Tokens Involved

ERC721 | ERC1155

NFTs - The axies which are the game icons to play the game


AXS (Axie Infinity Shard) - The governance token to buy land,farm, or breed Axies in Lunacia

SLP (Smooth Love Potion) - For breeding

Token Use Case

  • In Game Material
  • SellingNFTs In Game
  • Selling Items In Game
  • farming In Game
  • Staking In Game
  • Trading outside the platformand sending to your ingame character

Phase 2:the Breeding Mechanism

Like real-world pets, Axies can be bred to create new offspring. These offspring can be used in battle, breed new offspring, or can be sold on ourmarketplace.

In order tomanage the Axie population, breeding has certain resource requirements.

Each Axie can be bred amaximumof 7 times.

Breeds cost AXS as well as Small Love Potions

Small Love potions can be earned by playing the game in PvE Adventuremode as well as the PvP Arena. Once you earn them,you can sync themto your wallet fromthis page. Please notethat it takes 2 weeks before you can claimyour first SLP. After this first claim, you can claimonce every 2 week.

Small Love Potions are also tokens which can be traded on the decentralized exchange, Uniswap.

Please note that siblings cannot breed together and Parents cannot breed with their offspring!

Phase 3:the Game Floor

The Axie battle systemis a turn-based card game where the goalis to eliminate all enemies your teamof 3 Axies is facing. Each turn, a playermust strategically play cards thatmaximize their chance of victory.

Each Axie can draw froma pool of 4 potential cards in battle. Each card comes froma body part— Mouth, Back, Tail, andHorn.


Adept at absorbing damage.

HighHP stat (50+).

Having at least 2 high shield cards (70+). More is preferable but can also increase the price quickly.


Have at least 2 cards with 100+ damage.

Sacrifice survivability (HP & shield)for damage output.

Technicalities Covered

  • Unique UI UX and necessary graphics based on the client's preference
  • Admin panel tomanage theDApp
  • Smart Contract with truffle report for below modules

Utility token

NFT Mintable smart contract

Game Logic contract

  • Wallet Integartion (4-5 Major wallets)
  • Source files (Dynamic and scalable to enhance it withmore features)
  • Onemonth after launch Technical support

Technology Stack

Smart Contract Part - Solidity

Website & Admin Panel- MEAN| MERN