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BC.Game Clone Development - Build Blockchain Powered Crypto Casino & Bitcoin Gambling Games like BC.Game
BC.Game Clone Development - Build Blockchain Powered Crypto Casino & Bitcoin Gambling Games like BC.Game
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BC.Game Clone Development - Build Blockchain Powered Crypto Casino & Bitcoin Gambling Games like BC.Game

Cryptocurrency has added exclusive benefits to the online gaming sector. cryptocurrency games are now quite popular. Best Crypto casino gained ground on traditional casinos and will continue to do so.
The best crypto games follow demand by the market and those Online crypto casinos have to ensure that their platforms are the best possible gambling destination for their users. One such gaming platform is BC.Games where there is a list of casino games. If you are the one eager to start your own crypto gaming platform?
This blog will clearly explain you to build your own online casino game platform like BC.Games on the blockchain.

BC.Games Clone Game Development

We Gamesdapp assists you to build your own Casino Gaming Platform  Like BC.Games on blockchain network inbuilt with the exciting security features that will attract gamers all around the world. 
We ensure our clients to get the best ever gaming experience with our clone game with all the modern and attractive UI/UX. We provide,
- Flexible and Customized Solutions
- Seamless Communication
- On-time Delivery of Projects
- Guaranteed Satisfaction
- Provides Smart Solutions with cutting edge technology
- 24x7 Technical Support

Build your own Casino Game!!

It is hard to build a casino but you can start from directing your own table on BC.Games is not just a game, it is a gaming platform with number of casino games.
In BC.Games, one can build their own casino website with their own domain,design and theme. if you can able to invite more players and their gambling reaches above a maximum of billion dollars , then you will be getting your own customised casino game platform.
MY CASINO Reward system
MY CASINO on BC.Game sets upto a reward of 100USD for each and every referral that you are inviting in addition to commission.
User Rewards - You will get 100 USD for each invitation.
Commission Rewards - You will get a wager for every invite as a commission , which will directly sent to your wallet.

Available Games on BC.Games Clone Game Platform 

Every player has their preferred game when they do gamble on online. Some players are crazy about slots, while others prefer games like roulette, blackjack or video poker. Hence these online casino games based on game type are there included in our game platform.
Slot Games
Slot game is the foremost online game that most of the people will play.This type of online gambing is the most popular than any other kind. The reels spin continuously, and players can win only if the five symbols that line up in the middle of the slot forms one of the combinations from the pay table. Users can claim a maximum profit of 5 BTC by playing bitcoin slots.
Hence, there are literally millions of people all around the world who play slots online every day. Yet the another reason for the slot game to be popular is that there is a great variety of slots-based games available, and the potential for enormous payouts are big.
CryptoGames has redefined the classic game of rolling dice into a crypto oriented one with a much greater range of outcomes. The range of the dice lies between 0.000 to 99.999 where the players must determine whether the outcome of the crypto dice would be lower or higher than the predetermined number. Users can choose to place bets automatically using the “Auto Bet” feature and can also tweak the settings to implement their own strategies. The rolling of the dice can also be done via keyboard shortcuts that make the gameplay faster. Dice is a game where users can get more profit by taking more risks. This makes the game thrilling to fervent gamblers who relish on the experience. Currently, CryptoGames provides its users to make a profit of a whopping 6 BTC from just one single bet of bitcoin dice.
Roulette Games
Roulette games is perhaps one of the casino staples that made the transition from tangible experience to online pastime the best. The game itself has been around for hundreds of years, and the way it works has changed very little over the centuries.
As a game of chance, it’s hard to beat. The variety of wagers you can place ups the ante, and the inherent simplicity of the elements of chance involved keeps things interesting from start to finish.
Plinko is a fun and simple game where users drop a ball from the top of a pegged pyramid and watch it bounce downwards and enter any of the slots in the bottom of the pyramid. 
Users can specify a certain bet amount and can choose a color for the ball that they want to drop. CryptoGames offers payouts on Plinko based on the color of the ball and the value of the slot into which the ball falls.
Blackjack Casinos 
The blackjack game is about as classic as it comes. Blackjack is one of the splendid game, which is being played among different generations that drives the market opportunity for the game developers in the country.The great thing about the game is that the rules are easy to understand and pretty much everyone can learn it very quickly. 
The word ‘blackjack’ refers specifically to the moment when you make 21 from the first two cards that you’re dealt. This comparing card game between usually severalplayers and a dealer, where each player in turn play against the dealer, but players will not play against each other. It is played with one or more decks of 52 cards, and is the most extensively  played casino game in the world.
Video Poker Casinos 
Video poker is the game of choice for many seasoned online players who prefer to engage in a form of gambling where the house edge is as low as possible. In fact, when you play a game of poker perfectly, the house edge is pretty much non-existent.
It also calls for a lot of focused strategy. Choosing which cards to keep, and which to let go can be a complete game-changer from one move to the next.

Features of our BC.Games Clone Game 

User Authentication
User-friendly desktop and mobile interface
Perfect Game Security
Hot Wallet System
Bankroll System
Auto Withdrawls system
Deposit (+ unique wallet for each user)
Users Tip (send users bits to each other)
HighChart User Stats
Live User Chat
Transaction History
Game Hash History
Auto Script Playing
Front and light Admin + Simple Wallet Manager
Database Manager
Standard Game Rules (eg the coefficients of the numbers)
Easy modfication Server Side Scripts
Easy Install ( + we have free install offer fo you )
Bootstrap & WebSocket
Full Event log in console (for developers)
Responsive Design (mobie, tablet, etc …)
RTL Support
Bitcoin Wallet Manager
Admin Manager
Free Support 24/7
Do you wish to kick-start your own online casino gaming business right away?

 Hire our blockchain game developers now!

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