Best Blockchain Networks For Developing NFT Games


    NFT games have gained popularity in the world of Game-Fi as a means of making money. You can even earn tokens while selling your in-game NFTs to other players and collectors with play-to-earn models. Tokens can be acquired or found in many ways depending on the NFT game.


    Tokens can then be exchanged for or converted into cryptocurrencies on online exchanges. Blockchain's revolutionary economic features are used by NFT games to create revenue-generating models which benefit both game players and developers. The most popular NFT games are Ethereum and Binance smart chain. Further, other blockchain networks have also been used for creating NFT games such as Solana, Polygon, Tron, and so on. 

    With this information, let us have a look at some of the best blockchain networks for developing NFT games.

    Popular Blockchain Networks

    Here are the popular blockchain networks to be considered for creating  NFT games.


    Ethereum is the most frequently adopted and well-known blockchain network for NFT game creation.

    Ethereum blockchain network is used by popular NFT games such as CryptoKtties, Cryptospells, Axie Infinity, CryptoPunks, and Decentraland.

    Building NFTs on Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) is incredibly simple and easy. 

    ERC-721 and ERC-155 are the two widely used NFT token standards that promote interoperability and make the development proceed simple.

    Some of the benefits of developing an NFT game using the Ethereum blockchain network are rapid deployment, permissioned networks, data coordination, avail private transactions, decentralization, encryption, and hundreds of nodes. 
    Some NFT gaming projects based on the ethereum blockchain are as follows


    • Decentraland 

    • Axie Infinity 

    • CryptoKitties

    • NFT worlds and so on. 

    Binance Smart Chain

    A blockchain that can execute smart contracts and operate decentralized apps is called the Binance smart chain (BSC) which is compatible with Ethereum virtual machine. 

    In addition to scalability and lower costs, the BSC will make ethereum compatible and hence interoperable. BSC is used for several NFT gaming initiatives such as Battle pets, CryptoBlades, MOBOX, and others.  

    Advantages while creating NFT games using BSC is faster adoption rates, inexpensive transactions, easy token migration, EVM compatibility, Rich and growing ecosystems, immutable smart contracts, cross-chain mechanism, and so on. 

    Some of the best NFT gaming projects on BSC are considered to be


    • Splinterlands 

    • Thetan Arena 

    • CryptoBlades 

    • SecondLive 

    • Era7

    • X World games 

    • Bomb crypto


    TRON is an open-source blockchain platform created to deploy decentralized applications with simple mechanisms for building and hosting decentralized applications and content that users may share without the involvement of third parties.

    Due to its distinctive methodology and specific offerings, TRON NFT game development has drawn the attention of numerous business owners and cryptopreneurs. 

    Some of the importance of TRON blockchain for creating NFT games are high transaction speed, high scalability, EVM compatibility, high-performance storage, empowering creators, transactions as proof of stake, multi-language extension, and more scalable and reliability.

    Some of the popular NFT gaming projects on the TRON blockchain are,


    • CryptoBytes 

    • Devikins 

    • Sorare 

    • Blockchain cuties 

    • Chainz Arena 

    • MegaCryptoPolis


    Solana is the fastest and most decentralized blockchain platform in the world and the fastest growing ecosystem in the cryptocurrency space with thousands of active projects such as NFTs, DeFi, Web3, and others. 

    It has recently established a sterling reputation for its potential to benefit the NFT sector more effectively than ethereum. 

    The entire network is extremely promising that has a strong system of support from FTX and an impressive decentralized dApps ecosystem. 

    Some benefits of Solana blockchain while creating NFT games are tower consensus, proof of stake consensus system, sea level, high speed, low cost, and scalability.
    Some of the best NFT gaming projects on the Solana blockchain are


    • Solchicks 

    • Genopets

    • Star Atlas 

    • Space Falcon

    • DeFi land 

    • Cryo war 

    • Zoolana 

    • Void



    Polygon is a blockchain network that combines protocol and architecture and is compatible with ethereum. 

    Bringing scalable ethereum solutions together to support an ethereum ecosystem with many chains. 

    It is a multi-chain system that combines ethereum's and sovereign blockchains' greatest features. 

    This multi-chain approach resembles others like Polkadot, Cosmos, and Avalanche, but it offers three key benefits over them such as high gas costs and low performance without compromising security.


    Some benefits of creating NFT games using Polygon blockchain networks are interaction, user experience, high customization, high-end security, rich ethereum experience, low transaction fees, and so on. 

    Some of the best NFT gaming projects on polygon blockchain are


    • Zed run 

    • Aavegotchi 

    • Pegaxy

    • The sandbox

    • Decentraland 

    Thus, blockchain networks play an important role in developing NFT games. Gamers are anxious to start earning money in their preferred NFT games. The market chooses the victors and is always eager to seize any opportunity that offers rewards and profits. As blockchain networks grow and enable players to access more user-friendly games, better suited for mobile, and wield greater graphics and compelling stories.

    Thus, the market will undoubtedly experience an explosion of new titles in the upcoming years.

    If you require any assistance in picking a blockchain network for NFT game development or else want to create your own NFT gaming platform from scratch then you are in the right place!


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