Polemos introduces a marketplace for renting digital assets with no collateral

Polemos introduces a marketplace for renting digital assets with no collateral

With the release of "The Amory," players will have the opportunity to gain prizes by using borrowed resources.
Jun 12, 2023

Polemos, a supplier of blockchain gaming, has unveiled "The Armory," a new chain-independent blockchain game platform. With the help of this platform, gamers will be able to rent digital assets without having to put up any money as security.

Digital assets are typically rented out in the gaming industry with a deposit required, or just copies of the original content are provided. On the other hand, the Armory will permit customers to use the digital assets any way they see fit without requiring any deposits or collateral beyond the cost of borrowing.

Players can experiment with various digital goods without having to make a significant time or financial commitment because they keep any rewards they receive from using borrowed products.

Although there is a nominal listing fee for each digital asset, lenders can profit from the digital assets sitting idle in their wallets.

A blockchain security company called Halborn has examined the platform's smart contract, potentially giving lenders increased protection. Blockchain security depends on smart contract audits, and some businesses may have the code reviewed by several audit firms. This enhances platform security overall and ensures unaltered item returns.

The Armory will be able to function on a range of different blockchains because it is integrated into Polemos' Forge and is chain agnostic. 

Reference: blockworks.co